August 20th, 2002


Test 1, 2, 3...anything but that

I'm home!

Yeah. Have been for about an hour.

Rob and I went to Candace's to hang out with her and Cark for a while. Then we started to call people to get some shite together.

We went to Rob's around 6:30 (after being kicked out of Candace's) so we hung out there. Carly was already there (and talking with Rob's mom alone. Oops) and I picked up Jason around 7:15. We all went to the park around dark (8-ish) and played on the equipment and such for a pretty long time. It was fun though.

We went back to Rob's and I called Amanda so she could come for a bit. Around the same time, Peter and Zack (sovietpanda and sinkist) called saying they were bored. So I invited them over too. We hung around and played cards and laughed and had some good times for a while. Then Mary called on Lindsay's cell phone, so I invited them over too. (Steph and Bridgette were with as well). So it ended up being a big gathering.

People left around curfew, but those of us who were left hung out until about 11:30. We were going to go to the 24-hour Togo's/Baskin Robins/Dunkin Donuts, but the idea fell through, so I just took Jason home and then came back here.

I'm bored. And not in such a great mood, but whatever. I'll deal.

And my STUNTS Board meeting is at 10am tomorrow, so I need to be up in 8+ hours. I should get to bed soon. That doesn't mean I will.
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Turns out I can use internet on "new computer" when "my computer" is shut down.

Good to know. Maybe I'll turn mine off more. And old bitty like that needs her rest. This new thing is always humming contently.

And the time is never screwed up. Grrr...

I love my computer though. I know it so well. It's like an old, used, tattered and loved stuffed animal.

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Alanis - Unsexy

This is quite an operation...


I really shouldn't complain about waking up at 9am, because a lot of other people woke up earlier than that.


It's really hard to get out of bed at 9am. I felt like I was going to school or something. My body resisted. Or tried to. It tried to convince me that I don't need a shower so I could have slept until 9:20.

But I got up. And showered.

And who's bright idea was a 10 o'clock meeting anyway!?!?!?

*crickets chirp*

Oh. Right. Me. I'm producer. That's what I do.


Seriously, I wouldn't be complaining, except that last night I slept really crapily. I had finally settled into a nice and relaxing sleep, and then I had to get up.


So yeah. This is me leaving for my meeting in a few minutes. I'll be really early, but I think I'm supposed to be. Besides, gives me extra time to navigate my way through the cement construction maze we like to call Deerfield High School. Ha! It looks terrible inside, and yet classes are supposed to start in two weeks.

That's a joke.
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The STUNTS Board meeting was awesome.

So we get there and instead of making it a normal, sit around and take notes meeting, Eric surprises us with a task.

A Scavenger Hunt.

The Board (all seven of us) piled into Carly's Mountaineer and Collapse )

It was really fun and we got that whole "community building aspect". We also learned how to problem solve, and use our resources. It was awesome.

And Jason approved...
Jason: That was AMAZING! Thanks! :-) ::smiles a lot::
Auto response from honeygailmarie: STUNTS Board meetings, and then causing trouble. Unless, of course, the meetings are trouble....;-)
honeygailmarie: Glad you liked it! Sorry we woke you up :-(
Auto response from Jason: I love the Stunts Board. :-)
honeygailmarie: Awww!!! Yay!!!

So yes. Fun times!!!

And I'm sleepy. So I may take a nap.
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How did I get here, how the hell?

Went shopping with the parents.

Oh joy of joys.

*rolls eyes*

The good part is, I got a bunch of new clothes. 3 pairs of jeans from American Eagle. A yellow turtleneck sweater, a blue hoodie sweater and a couple peasant-ish tops from AE also. And a couple long sleeved tees from Express.


Then we went to dinner. Someplace called "American Grill". Creative, non?

It was actually very good. I think I've fallen in love with the sandwich I ate. It was thin slices of grilled turkey breast with melted provolone, on tomato basil focaccia bread.

Oh my god. Fantastic. It was. Absolutely. Amazing.

Too good for words. The description sounds good, and it tastes twenty times better. Yum.

Now I'm going to chill and talk to people online. Another STUNTS meeting tomorrow at 10am. We'll probably be out by 1pm though. The wake is from 4 until 8. So I'll have to go to that. These things always make me feel so uncomfortable. I hate death.
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