August 19th, 2002

Baby you're a big star now

So I kicked him and I told him I wasn't his whore


I'm blank. I could talk about waking up at 10...after 9 and a half hours of sleep. I could talk about being hungry, because all in all, I didn't eat so much yesterday. I could talk about my eye hurting. Badly.

But it all seems so superficial and unnecessary.

Last night, my sister's mother-in-law passed away. From cancer. It's been an on going battle for a while, and a little over a week ago, she discharged her from the hospital because there was nothing more they could do for her. Essentially, she was sent home to die. Apparently my sister and brother-in-law had gone over yesterday morning to visit her and she was doing fine. Later in the day, she slipped into a coma and eventually died.

No plans have been made for the funeral yet. I'm a little concerned that it will interfere with STUNTS board meetings. Or that the wake may be the same night as an Israeli Refusers meeting that there is planned. But I have my priorities, and changing the world may have to take the back seat on this one.

Some people talk about how they've never been to a funeral. That they might have only been to a couple in their entire lives. And some complain that they don't go to weddings, and have never been to a big traditional ceremony that wasn't in the middle of a cornfield. Me? I've been to about 6 weddings in the past two years. And with that, come funerals. The last one I went to was probably my grandmother in the spring of 2000. Though several other relatives and friends have died since, it was only my parents' obligation to attend those. Being still a child, I only go to those which I am closely related to. Unfortunately there have been many throughout the years.

And I'm just babbling now. I think I shall go. Perhaps make myself an early lunch.
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Because I'm used to relying on intellect

Watched both O and American Beauty. Two very non-good hearted films. But I liked them both a lot.

O was as I expected. People had said how strange and violent it was. But it's Shakespeare, and I've read Othello so I knew a lot of people would end up dead. And frankly, I think it was very well done. I was impressed.

American Beauty was actually rather predictable. I knew the mother would have an affair. I knew the father next door was a closeted gay man. I was unsure who would end up killing him, but I knew it would be one of those two. Wes Bentley is awesome too. Very strong cast, and very intriguing film.

And! Martin Sheen in one, Allison Janney in the other! It was like West Wing!!! Just not.


I'm very happy with those movies. I don't feel like I wasted my time, and I feel as though I've watched something that didn't rot my brain.

In other news, Spring Break plans are going to end up like camping. I can tell already. Candace can't go a) without a chaperone (21 or older) [I'm thinking Fayanne might be available...] and b) if it's going to be co-ed...unless we get two houses.

*sigh* Fuck parents. They are so insane sometimes.

Also, I was hoping to get an email from mommy today. But she's probably busy, so I'm not going to worry about it. She's got plenty on her mind.

Now it's time for me to shower. Rob and Candace both want to do stuff we'll probably get a group together again. And Jason should be getting home at some point today.
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