August 18th, 2002


It's time now to sing out, though the story never ends

So I wake up and go upstairs. I see Mama's car in the driveway.

I get really confused because it's nearly 10 o'clock and she's sitting at the dining room table paying bills. I'm wondering my she's home. If she took off the day of work, if she went in and then came home, or if she was planning on going in really late.

Took me five minutes. FIVE.

Before I realized it's Sunday, not Monday.

Christ. I'm a moron. tired. Got 10 and a half hours of sleep. That was nice.

Might be going back-to-school clothes shopping today. Already got supplies. notebooks and pens and ... *drools*

But yeah. I need some new jeans. And other clothes would be nice too. Don't know. Huh.

Yeah. I'm going to get going now.
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I think we need an agent. We? That's selling out. But it's nice to dream


I've watched the fun LA Trading Spaces episode again this morning. And I've showered.

I'm tired. And I was hoping to go shopping with Mama for some new clothes. But she's making strawberry shortcake right now.

Might have to go to my cousin Adam's going-away-to-college party just to get me some of that. Mmm...

Oy. I really am tired. Heh. What's new, right?

I love this song. And this line has been stuck in my head all morning:
I regret the unlucky circumstance of the past seven days.
Circumstance? You padlocked our door!
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My cat had a fall and I went through hell...Kinda like losing a, hey how did you know she fell?

Hmm...I'm trying to decide between napping, reading or eating.

Because I'm tired, bored and hungry (yeah...I should eat lunch, or breakfast...or something).

Also considering going up to Ci's and hanging out with her and the kids until Adam's party. And trying to decide if I'm going to that...and if so, if I should drive with the intention of bailing out early.

I'm so bored!!!
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    Happy New Years B (in head)
Alanis - Unsexy

You're living in America, leave your conscience at the tone

Need nap.

Too nice outside. Wanna be out!

Went to Adam's party. Not too bad. Boring, but then again it was a small family gathering. I ducked out early, when Ci left to take Mikey home.

So now I'm talking with a few people as we contemplate going to a park to play frisbee or sitting home being bored.

Sad as it sounds...being bored may win out. There are only three of us, and we are all lazy. And talking to Garvey is like beating my head against a a good way though. >;-)

So I might be around a lot tonight. Or not. We'll see.
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Excuse me, did I do something wrong? I get invited then ignored all night long

Mmmm....allen_sama posted a couple Joey pictures. Yay!


So tonight. We did end up doing stuff, but not frisbee in the park. Candace, Cark (Marc), John (Garvey), and Allie came over and we just hung out in my room for a while. Laughed a lot. Good times, good times.

And I'm bored. But busy at the same time. I'm distracted from this post, so I'll just stop.
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