August 16th, 2002


And it's beginning to, and it's beginning to, and it's beginning to......SNOW!!!

An update on everything Gail:

Went back to sleep, but only for another 3 and a half hours. So with the hour I was up in between, I got 7 hours of interrupted sleep.


But we are going to Evanston today. Yay. Will probably hit Flat Top for lunch. Because it's amazing. And I've never gone to Evanston to just hang out. Some people say that it's like the city, but smaller and better. Ooo. [Oh, and by city, I mean Chicago. Because...yes. It's "The City."]

Yeah. So I got up at 10 and showered. Now I just have to get dressed and see what time Candace, Jason and Rob will be ready so I can go pick them up.

Huh. Do I know how to get to Evanston?

That's a damn good question. I don't think I do. Eh...take the Edens until someone tells me to exit. Sounds like a plan.
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Mimi's gotten thin, Mimi's running out of time, Roger's running out the door

Evanston was fun.

We went to Buffalo Joe's for lunch, and met up with Eric there. (He lives in Evanston now...) Then we walked around town a bit. Stopping in Barnes & Noble, Borders, and some record shop...Dr Wax's, maybe?

Then we got ice cream from Marble Slab and headed home.

It's really nice outside now, and I'm tired. I'll probably take a nap until 5:30. The second crew meeting is tonight at 6. Oy. Need money for that.

I get so much volume in my hair now that it's not so weighed down. It's crazy. And I've gotten lots of complements on the red. ;)
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Alanis - Unsexy

Depends on love, depends on not denying's gonna be a happy new year


I laid down for 20 minutes to try and get rid of this fucking headache (I know, I know...drink water...) and no one is talking about Justin any more.

Now it's all about Nick Carter. Oy.

And I woke up to $40 magically appearing on my desk. I think Mama played fairy godmother while I was asleep. It's good though, because I'm broke and still owe Amanda $22. So I'll still have about $20, minus dinner tonight. Oh well. If I cared about money, I'd worry about it. But I don't really.

Oh, and I should go to Evanston more often. Got lots of comments today. Ooo...
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Because I'm a whore and forgotten twice already today:

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Hope the day was great, and the surprise party went well.
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I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had, someone to live for, unafraid to say "I love you"

I feel sick. Bleh.

And I only skimmed my friend's page, because most of the posts were about the new solo singles. I care about your opinions, but right now I have other things on my mind.

Eww. I feel really sick. My tummy hurts. I want my mommy.

And yeah. She's just upstairs. Sometimes the ideal is better than the reality.

The meeting went well, and we went to Nikki's to hang out afterward. It was fun seeing lots of people again. We watched Zoolander...which I really didn't like. I figured it was a guy movie, but maybe I just have a bad sense of humor. Lance looked good. And it reminded me of the Mindfuck story that I think chased_amy wrote.

Yeah. I'm really unhappy right now, so I'm going to keep this short before I start talking about things that I don't want to.
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