August 10th, 2002


What is wrong with me mother, something must be wrong.

Saw xXx tonight. It was pretty good. Entertaining. Vin doesn't act all that well, but he's fun and sexy, so it really doesn't matter.

We went to Uno for dinner afterward. Yum pizza. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I'm tired, so I'll be hitting the hay soon.

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You know nothing of madness till your climbing her hair and you see her up there

Hee hee!

Zoe just walked into my room.

Looked really confused.

Tilted her head and asked:
"Is that Beauty and the Beast music?"

Hee hee! I smiled and said "No, it's Into the Woods."

She said "Oooooo!" Very excited-like. She's probably never heard of it before, but she likes it. Hee!

Oh, and I'm up. Apparently I wake up at 10, no matter what time I go to sleep. Eh?
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    Agony - Into the Woods soundtrack

Sometimes people leave you...half-way through the wood...

Yes. Still listening to Into the Woods. And have been.

Will continue to until I receive my RENT CDs in the mail. :)

I just love parts of this. Songs 7 and on are fabulous. I'm not a big fan of Jack or Little Red Riding Hood, and they sort of fall off after the beginning.

I adore Cinderella though. And the Baker's Wife. The Princes are fun too. And of course the Witch (Vanessa).

And cause I can:
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    This is ridiculous,what am I doing here?I'm in the wrong sto

This is ridiculous. What am I doing here? I'm in the wrong story...

Quality family time spent today. Cici, Zoe and I played Nintendo. For hours. Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis. Oy.

Then my cousin and his fiancee came by so my brother could fix her car. Therefore my brother and his wife were here. Also a friend of theirs (and the family). So Mama and Daddy cooked out. Love the burgers my Mama makes. Best ever. I'm sure of it.

And I have to be at Candace's at 9:30 tomorrow because a group of us are going to the Renaissance Faire. Yay!

Ooooo! Candace burned me a copy of the Pippin soundtrack! Eeee! I'm going to explode from all the musicals and stuff. Too much to handle. Love musical theatre. Love any theatre! Eee!

And I'm really tired for some reason. I'll probably get to bed early. Lots of sleep, considering I don't have to be up for another 11 hours. Mmm...11 hours.

Yeah. I think I will. I'm actually positive about sleep for once. Hmmm.

Quiz Time!!
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