August 8th, 2002


Well it's lonely now, but I don't know how to get it back to good

Well, as I just informed Cici: can suck my ass and I will be bearing's children.

I have found so many more hotels, and not only that, but they are cheaper.

Hilton Times Square -
Expedia price: $333/night ($1000 total)
Orbitz price: $199/night ($597 total)

That's a difference of over $400! For the same hotel!! .1 miles from the theatre!

There are also a lot of cheaper ones, but I'm too tired for this. Tomorrow.

And if I'm up before 10, Joey's on The View, right?
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I love Joey. Yes, indeed. Oozing Joey love right now.

And someone just came into the house. Huh. The elusive brother maybe? Daddy home very early? A sister...any sister?

Oh well. The View is on, I'll check it out later. ;)

I'm seeing RENT! Whee!!
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And I said "what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?" She said "I think I remember the film"


Don't really have anything to update...but I'm using the portal! Woo portal!

Basically everyone has been sending out birthday wishes and knew that after Saabira I had no July birthdays on my friends list (unless you are new to it... :-\ in which case I don't know. Eep!), so I was scoping out August and after.

*makes mental note of upcoming birthdays*

Oh, and of course. It's the lovely JC's birthday. Hee! I'm sure the pretty kitten with have a fabulous day. And this means that my beautiful icon will be used even more!! Woo! Killin' two pretty birds with one stone!
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Why did it have to end, and why do they always say "no regrets"?

Love this song. LOVE it.

Also, call me a Chicago-supremesist...but I hate that New York is all tilted. Like the streets don't run straight East-West or North-South.

I like Chicago's grid. So easy to follow.

I keep feeling like I have to turn my head to the side to look at a map of NYC.

Don't worry...I'll get over it by September. :)
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Whoooooaaa...amber is the color of your energy

Yeah, so I went to the doctor lady. Didn't really like it. Didn't seem to help or be any different than if I were talking to Jason or someone. Just Jason knows the people I'm talking about.

Probably won't go back again, but I have her card in case I do.

I got my glasses fixed, finally. They got all bent and yucky when I got hit in the head with a volleyball. Ouch. But now they are better!

AND! I booked our hotel for New York!!! And the plane tickets came FedEx today!!! Wooo!!!!

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So you take the way home that leads back to Sullivan Street

Okay, watch as Gail becomes obsessive!Broadway!Gail:

First, I really want to see Kathleen Turner as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. I was talking about it with Zoe less than three weeks ago and we decided that it is completely her role and she would be awesome in it.

Second, I did NOT know that John Stamos was in Cabaret! What the hell! I want to see!! Unfortunately he closes his run 5 days before we get there. Dammit!

Third, Cici! Jeff Brooks is in BatB on Broadway. Patrick Page isn't (*sniff*) but our Cogsworth is! How fun!!

Yeah...soon I'll actually be able to keep up, and maybe one day even join the conversations that Zach Laks has with Carl everyday. Ha ha.

Eeee! More Broadway goodness....

Steven Weber is in The Producers!! Love him!!! So is Gary Beach (the Lumiere from the original cast of BatB). Yay!

Anne Heche and Neil Patrick Harris are in Proof...which is supposed to be fantastic. Anne Heche rubs me the wrong way, but I adore Doogie Howser!!!

Vanessa Williams is in Into the Woods?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? AHHH! Me want to see!!!!!! Eeeeee!!!! (She's no Bernadette Peters, but dammit, I adore Vanessa Williams!!)
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He's got your number on a paper at his disposal

I've decided I like this song.

Christ. I've been gone for 3 hours. Three. And two people have updated. Two. Two entries in the three hours I was gone.

Where is everyone? Why does everyone else have exciting lives? Or friends? (Now I'm just being a drama queen. Yes I have friends. But they are all out of town or busy tonight. Or sleeping. Damn them all.)

So I'm bored. And I can't sleep. It's too early to sleep. And even if I were tired, if I went to bed now, I'd be up at some ungodly hour in the morning. Eww.

So. I'm here. Doing nothing. No one else is here. So.

Pathetic, table of one?
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They ain't playing with your money, they're playing with your trust

Whenever I start looking though random journals, I find the scary people and wind up coming back to my friend's page looking for familiarity and safety.

*whimper* Strange people out there...

And things are still very uneventful around here. You're all boring. :p

But I did read some more of Blonde. Frigger is too fucking long. I have 600 pages left. I've already read 140. Oy. So. Much. Reading.

And I'm bored. And so anti-sleep right now, it's not funny. But I have nothing to do. I can't scope out hotels and airlines like I have been doing...because we have ours booked. I've already checked out a bunch of Broadway shows, but we aren't buying any tickets until we get there anyhow, so it would be pointless to scour for seats. (I'm amazing. I was looking at Into the Woods and one show had row J. I decided that 12 rows back was too far. So I did a little maneuvering and came up with row A. Third row. Center. It's a talent I have...truly.)

So yeah. And I looked at the new pictures and quotes on Jason's website. And no one is online that I really want to talk to. So I remain bored.

Oh, and I'm going to be seeing xXx tomorrow. Yeah, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I really want to see it. Vin Diesel is fucking awesome. Almost makes me want to watch The Fast and the Furious right now. Almost.
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