August 7th, 2002


It's a leap of faith when you believe someone's out there

Guess who has tickets for RENT???

That's right! Cici and I do!!!

Sunday, September 15th, 7:00PM
Section Orch C, Row B, Seats 105-106


Mama said that Daddy said we shouldn't drive, so now I'm looking into airfare. But this is about $360 for two people round-trip. And do you want to leave late Friday night, or Saturday morning? It doesn't effect the cost at all, there are a million and a half flights from O'Hare to LaGuardia every day. And what time-ish on Monday do we want to return? Literally, there is a flight every hour.

I think Mama was going to be paying for this Eh? We pick up the hotel and call it good? I don't know. I'm guessing she would assume since we were going to drive that we don't have the funds to fly. And that we asked her to buy the tickets.

Christmas in September? Take advantage and go Friday night, come back Monday afternoon?
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Hey now now now, hey now hey baby

I now have the Boston Herald article that Katie posted up on my wall. Bwahahaha! Josh/Sam! Lambs! Hee!

And I'm talking with Mama and Cici through email to finalize the flight plans to I can book those today. Now all we need is a hotel.

Is anyone familiar enough with New York City to tell me what hotels are within walking distance of the Nederlander Theatre???

I would be much appreciative. :)

Still very blah today. I have been all day. Watched last half of Gone In Sixty Seconds (which I actually liked), and it's on again right now, so I might watch the whole thing. I love having digital cable. You get both East and West premium channels, so it's like having everything on HBO repeat 3 hours later. So fantastic.

I'm going to go call Cici about the plane tickets, and maybe check out what other shows are on Broadway...since we'll be there anyway. ;)

Seriously though, when's the next time I'm going to be in New York? yeah...that's what I thought.
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No strings attached, baby I want you back, but the truth remains you're gone

Had an interesting night.

Candace and I went to Lindsay's to hang out with her. We watched TV for a while and she made us a pasta dinner and cookies afterward. We love Lindsay!

Then Jenny came over and we played Scrabble. Molly came and joined for a second round. Nearing the end though, Candace had to get home for curfew and she had driven me. So we left a little after Mary, Helen and Hillary arrived.

So. Home early.

And I so wish my doctor's appointment tomorrow was for something physical. Poke and prod all you want, doc...just don't talk to me so much, okay? *sigh*

And! Leave it up to Amy to write JoLa in Rent! Yay! [Surprise!]

11:11...make a wish...
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