August 6th, 2002


And she told me what to say, she said she loves you, you know that can't be bad

Went to Ci's for a very short time ('bout 10 minutes) because at 7:30 I met Allie, Ben, Nikki and Candace at Olive Garden for dinner. Yum.

Then we went back to Allie's (save Nikki who had to go home at 9). We watched Father of the Bride, and half-way through Allie took Ben home (his curfew was 10). Candace left after the movie at 11. Allie and I watched ElimiDate (2 episodes) and then Conan (who is him!). I left at 12:30, right before Last Call with Carson. Hey, I have standards!

...heh. ;)

And I really love this icon. It's wonderful. It's a wonderful feeling. I want that feeling again.
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The streets are made of silver, like a rabbit on the run

I want a Joey icon.

Rather...a Joey in RENT! icon.

I also want to see Joey in Rent. Very badly. Still. Yes. New York is a bit far though. But! Joey!!! Rent!

Oh, right. And I'm awake now. Didn't sleep well. The only night this past week that I actually slept well (didn't have weird/freaky dreams and didn't wake up at random hours, and actually fell asleep easily) was Sunday because I had been awake for 36 hours. Hmph.

But I have leftover Olive Garden for lunch today. Yay.

I really want Froot Loops right now though. Don't know why. Just. Want. Like Joey...
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But if you leave, it's gonna get a little bit easier

Love this song.

And I'm downloading RENT!

To this point, I'm a Rent virgin. Never heard any of the songs (except "Seasons of Love" which we sang 6th grade chorus). I don't really know anything about the musical at all. But I will! ;)

Still need a Joey in Rent icon. I keep having to use this one. Not that it's a bad thing. I love this icon. But. Variety, ya know?
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Well I'm not gonna let it get me down, and I'm not gonna cry



My sister's graduation is December 14th. College graduation. The important one. The one that everyone should be there for. The one that really means something.

STUNTS performances are the 12th, 13th and 14th. The 14th is basically my day. I do stuff ALL DAY LONG. I'm producer. It's my show. I need to get organized for closing night, and shop and set up for the production party afterward. Then I stay and clean up when everyone leaves. Last year I did STUNTS stuff constantly from about noon until 1am the next day.

It's STUNTS Day. My STUNTS day.

There's no way I can miss it.

But I can't miss Fayanne's graduation either. Just. No.

But. STUNTS. Producer. I'm in charge.

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I've been staying high, and I've been feeling sorry for myself


So bored.

Considered watching Fantasia 2000 earlier. Haven't yet.

Steph's graduation party is tonight at 6. Should get her a present. Haven't yet.

I'm picking up Amanda from the train station at 5:40, then picking up Candace and we are car pooling it to Steph's.

So basically I have nothing to do for the next 4 hours.

Christ am I bored.

Oh and Cici? Have you checked out RENT for the weekend of Rosh Hashanah (7th and 8th) or Yom Kippur (14th and 15th)? I won't have rehearsal or anything going on those days because of the high holidays. I actually have Monday the 16th off also. I'm guessing you don't, but you could pull a Nancy. ;) Just a suggestion, of course.
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We fall from grace, forget we can't fly



Cici and I are probably going to go! The weekend of Yom Kippur! Woo for Jewish holidays off of school!

Good tickets that weekend too. Sent Mama an email asking if she would pay for it and her response "I'll check with Dad, I'm leaning toward, sure, why not."


I need the CD now. Must learn songs. Must fully appreciate the experience and the Joey and the cast and the crew and the production and WHEEEEEE!!!

I love theatre. BROADWAY! Oh my god, I'm going to Broadway! EEEEEEE!
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I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for a week

Oy, I'm still completely excited about the idea of actually going to New York. Simply amazing. Can't wait.

And I was reading some of the message boards on Aside from a few people who were just against him, most were impressed with Joey.


I'm going to be crushed if Mama decides not to fund this trip. Crushed.
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