July 30th, 2002


I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

Today has been long and hard. We'll see how tomorrow goes...

I have a 1pm lunch appointment (ooo...aren't I cool?) with Eric. We'll be starting to talk about STUNTS and such. Yes. School is on the horizon. Only 5 weeks left. Eek.

Tonight there was a party thing at Pat's. A barbecue. It didn't start until 6, but I left home at 4:30 to hang out with Candace and Jason before going there. Partially to avoid contact with my mother. No. Fully to avoid contact with my mother. *sigh* This is going to be long and hard.

But Pat's was fun. We played volleyball and ate yummy cheeseburgers. Then there was a water fight. I missed most of the balloons cause I was late getting outside. But it just so happened that Charlie had been saving a nice big one for me. How nice, eh? I got pretty wet. Then they took out the hose. Everyone was pretty much soaked. My clothes were still damp, so after I got home, I changed into pajamas.

Tomorrow I will be making camping reservations. I have to. I must. We are going Friday. Unfortunately, it's still a thorn in many sides, but most have surrendered all control just to see something happen. So it's up to me.

Yeah. I should get to bed.
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There's a crack there in the doorway where the walls have pealed

Had a pretty yummy Collapse )
It's still kinda early so I might go back to bed. And I only got 7 hours of sleep. But I have a lot to do today. Mostly making camping reservations, and also start looking at college websites and planning where I want to visit. Eep. I feel like I should know my major first...

So yes. I'm gone now. Either sleeping or stressing. Your guess is as good as mine.
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Baby you're a big star now

One last call to answer

Mmmm...I took a two hour nap. Or, well. I woke up at 8:30. Went back to sleep at 9:30 and woke up again at 11:30.

Now I'm showered and almost ready to start my day. I'll need clothes first, but whatever....

Oh, and I had another weird Collapse )

I have an hour before my lunch thing, so I should get ready and find my notebook of STUNTS stuff.

It's strange. I went back to bed really hungry and wanting lunch at 9:30 in the morning. I woke up the complete opposite of hungry. Huh...
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(no subject)

August 27th - buy BBMak album.

Eeee! Mark is so adorable! And Ste!! andIstilldon'treallylikeChristian...

Now I need to leave or I'll be late for lunch!

But Jimmy Fallon and Natalie Portman. Ahahaha! That was so great.

Okay. I'm gone!
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Can you roll down the window? Can I have a cigarette?

Lunch went well. We have a lot of STUNTS stuff planned, so now I just need to email the board to schedule our 3 before-school starts meetings. Things are rolling well.

And camping is feeling a lot better. Amanda has warmed up to the idea of Kettle Moraine and might actually be making the reservations right now, because I hate using phones.

And now I get to surf a zillion college websites and try to find somewhere I might want to go, so that I can take a college visit trip. Eek.

So yeah. I'm feeling really good today.
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Where the journey may lead me, let your prayers be my guide

This is such an incredible song.

So amazing.


Pure love for it. It's beautiful and ... there are no words for it.

We went to Candace's tonight to just hang out. At first it was just me, Jason, Dace and her brother Marc. Then Allie came later, and Amanda.

We planned camping! We have a big tent (called the "Lodge")!! We've planned our meals! We know what's going on! And when we are shopping and packing and leaving and everything!!!


It's about frickin' time!

And we just all sat around and talked for a while. 'Twas good. :)

Today has been so much better than yesterday. More days should be like this one. Yum!
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