July 28th, 2002


I don't understand why I sleep all day, and I start to complain when there's no rain

First...AHHHHHHHH! My homepage is now in French! Ahhhh!! How do I fix this? Where do I set languages?? I'm and idiot.


Second, I'm probably going to have a lot to catch up on in the past 24-ish hours...especially with CFTC going on and all.


Third, and importantly...what have I been doing for the past 24 hours. ;)

Obviously, the parents are out of town, so party at my house. Jason and Charlie came over early...I want to say around 2. (After we were in a lovely chat room where I bitched about camping, and Charlie was like "wha?" and Jason just laughed. It was fun...) Candace called at 2:30 to say that she just got home from horseback riding and that she had to shower before she came.

We got excited because if Candace comes, that means Starfarers. Ha ha. German games are the best. Really.

So while we are waiting for her, we play Super Smash...because what else to we do? Then it's 3:15 and 3:30, and 4, and Charlie has to leave and Jason and I are getting worried. I was like "She's taken an hour and a half. What the hell?" So I call her house and there's no answer, and I try her cell. She ends up being at Office Max with her mom (and Nikki because Nik works there).

She says they are just finishing up and that she'd be over soon. Jason's getting antsy and suggests ordering Chinese food, so we do, and about 10 minutes later leave. We left the backdoor unlocked with a note to Candace saying we were gone for a few, but to come in and wait. We had to stop at the bank, so it took longer. Then after getting the food, Jason couldn't find his car key.

We are looking everywhere for it, in the Chinese place, in the parking lot and can't find it. Finally, I see that it's still in the door. After locking the car, he never took the key out. It was strange, but I got to laugh at him for that.

We get home and Candace still isn't here, so we set up for food and right as we are opening the containers she shows up. We eat a lovely dinner of Chinese at like 5...so now I have leftovers! ;)

We play a game of Starfarers, and after Lindsay calls Candace's cell and asks her if she wants to go to Chili's. We were all like "We just ate" so we hung up with them and started playing Super Smash again. Then a few minutes later, the doorbell rings and Lindsay and Bridgette had showed up to steal us. At this point, it's almost 7.

On the way to Chili's, I get a call from Amanda, so I tell her that we'll be home in an hour and that I'll call her when we are getting ready to leave. While in Chili's, Carly calls, then Charlie. So I tell them both that we'll be home about 8:15 and they can come then. I told Chazz we'd call him back when we got home and Carly that I'd tell Amanda to pick her up.

So last time we were at Chili's, we got this thing for a free appetizer, so Jason, Candace and I just got waters and split an Awesome Blossom. It was yummy. And fun, of course.

So as we are leaving, I call Amanda, and Jason uses my phone to call Charlie. He's gone missing. His mom thought he was out to find us, but obviously he wasn't. (We caught up to him a little later, he had been watching a movie with some other friends.)

At my house, we settle in the basement. It's strange because we have the entire house to ourselves, and the upstairs is much more comfortable and inviting, but I suppose we have gotten used to the cave that is my basement.

People start watching Rocky Horror Picture Show on AMC, and I only half watch because I'm hanging out by the computer that Jason was using. When Charlie comes, we get into a camping discussion again, this time with Amanda. Things are tense and yucky. At this point, I lose track of all time, so I don't know when most things happened.

After Rocky Horror, Chazz wanted to play Starfarers (because he never had) so he and Jason set it up in my room and Jason started teaching him while I helped set up the board. Allie came as we were setting up (so I think it was around 11-11:30). The girls sat around talking and I went between the game and the girl-talk. Nikki called and said she wouldn't be able to make it.

Chazz had to leave at 1 (mommy's curfew), which happened to be 10 minutes after the game ended. So they cleaned it up and Charlie left.

We started playing Nintendo 64. Super Smash first, then when Candace and Allie joined, we played Mario Kart for about an hour. Half-way through that, they had a massive car rearranging, because Jason's was in the driveway first and he wasn't staying the night. Amanda went upstairs to be anti-social. She left me a note saying that she was sorry for being moody. Carly used my computer to talk to people on AIM for a while.

A little after 2 (probably 2:15), Jason decided to leave. So we sat around for a bit, and Allie asked if we could play Dream Phone. Of course! So we sat around and played Dream Phone. For an hour and a half. At one point I had mentioned that we were going to be Seniors and that at 3:30 in the morning we were sitting in my basement, completely sober, and playing Dream Phone.

Allie won four times in a row and then I won the last game. We put it away and Candace and Carly decided they should go to bed, because they were getting up at 8, with Amanda. They slept in my sister's room because there's an alarm clock. I got my bed because I'm selfish like that, and Allie took the floor in my room.

We probably fell asleep around 4:30. Allie had a watch alarm to get up at 10. I woke up then, but basically just went back to sleep immediately.

I finally got up at 12:50, because that's when my chasing Christmas lights go on (yes, they are on a timer). I would definitely have slept much longer. But I got up.

The girlies that were sleeping in beds did a good job of actually making them. And the house looks very good. I think Carly left toothpaste and a toothbrush, but that was it that I found.

So that's where I am now. Been up about a half hour, making myself some pizza for lunch (because I'm really hungry) and yeah. I guess the night was pretty fun. :)

(Oh, and during Dream Phone, I was talking to Jason on AIM for a bit between turns...)
Me: Ha ha...we're playing Dream Phone. You should be jealous!
Jason: OOOH!!!! I AM!! I REALLY AM!
Jason: That game is SOOO much fun!!
Me: And yes it is
Jason: NO IT'S NOT
Me: He's not at the beach
Me: Shhhh! Don't tell though
Jason: he's at the surf shop!
Me: You think so? Wanna bet??

He didn't bet. And it ended up being George. AKA "The Hottie". Haa haa. 555-1233....yes, I have a lot of them memorized. I played this game A LOT as a child...
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Want a plane that loops the loop, I still want a hula hoop!


The parents are home. Hmph.

I've already been yelled at (wrongfully) for eating all the bread.


But! Home Run Inn frozen pizza is really good. Though I think I burnt the roof of my mouth

And seriously, does anyone know how to change the language of the Journal? I like French, but not that much...
[Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it. :)]
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Seen all good people turn their heads away, so sad, I'm almost on my way...(or something like that)

I'm on my way out the door, but first. I found this really funny:

Me: On a more positive note, my hair looks really good today (in my opinion)
Jason: i'm not sure how to respond to that.
Jason: congrats?
Jason: yay?
Jason: mmm....hair... ?
Jason: don't you hate pants?

Yeah. I definitely hate pants.
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We're only human, baby, we walk on broken ground

"Born to Fly" came on my playlist earlier, so I decided to whip out my Sara Evans CD when I went up to Ci's.

So good. She has a beautiful voice.

Unfortunately, I had to go out to dinner with the parents (and Cici and Zoe). *sigh* So much trouble...

They are actually still at dinner. I drove separately, so when their pizza order was messed up and was going to take another 20 minutes, I high-tailed it out of there (thanks to Ci mentioning I could leave).

*beats head against wall*

This is how my parents mother makes me feel.

*sighs again*
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Your mother complains that you need a man, you haven't mentioned me yet

Read a few more sections/chapters of Blonde. It's good. I wish I didn't read so slowly though.

Still bored out of my mind.

Watched the last part of The Thomas Crown Affair that was on TBS. It's so good. That was the first DVD I ever bought. Before I even had a DVD player (though there is one on this computer...). I just adore it. I like art. I like action. I like romance. This has it all. And Pierce!!!

So yeah. I was considering going to bed early, but I can't yet. It's still Sunday.
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