July 27th, 2002


And if it feels too quiet now, there are no words to show you how

The orchestra concert was very good. A little long, about two hours, but it was free and had some jazz pieces, a couple opera pieces, a few medleys (Les Miserables and Sound of Music! Whee!), a chamber music piece and some traditional orchestra stuff (Beethoven and Mozart, namely).

Then we came back here. Because. No parents. Duh.

It was Candace, Nikki, Carly, Amanda, and me, then after working at Ravinia, Jason came over. Nik and Candace left at midnight for curfew. Amanda's parents are also out of town, so she drove Carly home after Jason left...all around 1.

So I'm really tired now.

Gonna get to bed soon. Lots of rest before tomorrow. Nothing really planned, except having more people over. So all is good.

I'm hoping if it's sunny tomorrow, I can wash my car. Eh, it's something.
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I feel the need to be the demon, a demon cannot be hurt

Okay, so I get strange urges.

Last night, as I'm laying in bed around 1:15, I think to myself "Hmm...you should wash your sheets."

And I was going to get up and do it right then, but I was really tired last night.

So instead, I woke up this morning and within a minute of laying in bed, I start taking pillow cases of my 4 (necessary) pillows, grabbing my blanket and taking the fitted sheet off the mattress.

Keep in mind - the room is still pitch black and as soon as I stand up, I almost fall over because I'm not *really* awake yet. I stumble to the laundry room (grabbing my hamper to drag on the way) and turn on the florescent lights. I probably would have been better in the dark...

I some how set the washer with my eyes squinted to the blinding light, got some amount of detergent (hopefully the right amount) and shoved the stuff in. I tossed in some clothes too, shut the lid and came back here to collapse in a chair.

I'm now used to the light, but god, I swear I was the sleeping dead just then.

Ambition is a strange thing.
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Hi-hi-hi-hi-hi! Hi-ho!!!

Things I've done since last I posted:
-Did dishes (yes, we don't have a dishwasher...)
-Put the laundry in the dryer
-Made and ate breakfast
-Took a shower (and shaved!)
-Put on make-up
-Found this site...
-Made my bed
-Watered Violet and Tree
-Got dressed...mostly
-Continued to listen to that site. Because. It's the greatest. EVER. (And it automatically replays!!! I want Hi-Ho!)


I'm so incredibly responsible when my parents aren't around. :)
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