July 26th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

Cause without you I'm not okay, and without you I've lost my way

Yikes. I have a huge headache.

Jason suggested drinking water, but I'm too lazy to get it. And really, in a mood where I should have a headache. Like...it raining when you are in a sad mood.

It just fits.

Jason and I went to Allie's to watch a couple episodes of West Wing...in memoriam of Rob leaving the show after the next season. *sniff*

Then Al had to go to the airport to pick up her Mom, so Jason and I came back here and hung out a while...then Chazz came over. Lots of laughs. We sort of invited ourselves over to Lindsay's and hung out with her for a couple hours. Finally, we got back here and played a couple games of Smash until midnight, when they both left.

Left me with my headache and my thoughts. Ouch.
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    Without You - Dixie Chicks (in head)

Stand on the corner a thousand times, lose what I got, keep what I find

I'm up. I actually woke up for the first time at 9:30. I'm pretty sure my body or mind was mocking me.

But I defied it! And stayed in bed until 11:30. Sleeping on and off. Having a really fucked up Collapse )

Parents haven't left yet...but they will be soon. So much me time. In my house. How happy.

And I need to make a run up to Ci's. I took some pictures last night at Lindsay's, and Ci also wants me to turn on her air conditioning...so the poor kitties don't keel over from heat stroke.

Yeah. So that's my day. Fun fun fun.
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    It's About You - Train (live)

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Alright, I"m in a really weird mood. Candace and I are making Mac and Cheese for dinner, but we didn't have milk so she's running home to pick some up.

Ha ha.

At 7 we are going to see an orchestra concert that Amanda and Carly are in, and meet up with Nikki. Later, we'll probably meet back up with Jason (who just left to go to work).

Oy vay!

SO much craziness!!
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    None, but the oven just beeped! Garlic bread!!!