July 24th, 2002


Back home, today, to stay, the way I wish you would

She wishes on everything from stars to alarm clocks...

Tonight was interesting. I devoted it to cheering up Candace. I made Jason take me to Jewel to buy cookie dough (to be eaten raw, of course) and Ben and Jerry's ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough).

We went to Daçé's (dah-say) where we gave her the ice cream and cookie dough. Then we played Starfarers of Catan, and watched Evita. Those were all things that she had wanted to do, and Jason and I didn't object either. Starfarers is fun and who can resist cookie dough? ;)

The evening went very well, and I got an Collapse ) from her thanking me, and such. :)

Then Jason stayed a bit to talk. Oy. So many issues have I. (Yoda am I...) He threatened to email my mother. Yeah, I really should talk to her soon...

What else. . . ?

I might be going to Navy Pier on Friday.

I have my car back (and the peasants rejoiced!! because now I can stop bitching about it...)

My weekend goals were fulfilled with Starfarers and Evita.

. . .

I know there was something else. Damn. Expect another post soon.
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I tasted it last night, didn't I?

I'm not really up.

It's an illusion. I'm going back to sleep soon.

I just had to check my mail and stuff and try to calm down a bit, because I woke up frazzled.

And I give you this before going back to bed:

FoxTrot by Bill Amend
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    Eva Beware of the City - Evita...in my head
Baby you're a big star now

You must be quite releaved that no one's told the papers...SO FAR!!

This part of Evita has been stuck in my head since last night...

Eva: Monotony past, suburbia departed...who could ever be fond of the back of beyond?
Magaldi: Don't hear words that I didn't say
People: What's that? You'd desert the girl you love?
Magaldi: The girl I love? *heh* What are you talking about?
People: She really brightened up your out of town engagement.
People: She gave you all she had, she wasn't in your contract.
People: You must be quite relieved that no one's told the papers...so far!
Eva: I want to be a part of B.A. - Buenos Aires - Big Apple!
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    Eva Beware of the City - Evita, in head

Hold her, tell her everything's gonna be fine

I bought a new book!!!!

I hate shopping in Deerfield almost as much as I hate parking in Deerfield, but I did both.

It just wasn't worth it to go to the evil!Borders or Vernon Hills.

But yes. Book. Blonde: A Novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It's a mystery-ish novel centering around Marilyn Monroe. Read a couple chapters already today. But it's about 750 pages, so reading to page 23 (despite the oversized pages) was not impressive.


Collapse )

I finally got around to Ci's to upload them.
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Lovers of our time, memories unwined


Shortly after my last post, I slept (very well, I might add) for about an hour and a half. Woke up at 5.


Also yummy: peanut butter crackers. And water. Because it's about the only thing in this house I can drink. So much soda...eww.

So yeah. Me gonna go find something to do. La la la.
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How does it feel? I'm still waiting for you and I guess that I will


I'm not really in a bad mood...yet.

But I just got back from Olive Garden and feel like I'm going to explode. They also changed their Chicken Parmesan. Cue disappointment...

It's still okay, but not amazing like before. :(

Not to mention that Candace and I went at 9:30 which is so bad.

God, I just feel so full. It almost hurts.


I know how difficult it is to take the initiative. - Carly

Damn straight.
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Lay me down in the circle where the spotlight shines

Gail: [pokes friend's page]
Friend's page: [plays dead]
Gail: Can't you just roll over, or something?
Friend's page: [does nothing]
Gail: Grr....


I read some more of the book. Unfortunately, I'm a horribly slow reader and always have been, so I'm not getting much accomplished in so much time. But whatever.


I'm so incredibly bored. But I can't sleep. Not yet. Don't want to. No cats in America...
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