July 20th, 2002

Kate Hudson - Lady

Hello, I've waited here for you. Everlong

I think today may have been the best day ever!

Okay, I exaggerate, but!!!

6 hours of West Wing!

I was in heaven. Jason brought over all the tapes of the second and third seasons, and because we forwarded through commercials, I think we watched something like 9 episodes.


Including the last three of the season (which I hadn't seen yet).


I love that show. I love Toby, and Josh, and Sam, and Leo, and Charlie, and Donna, and Ainsley (when she was on). And I love Aaron Sorkin. I would give him my first born child, if he asked.

And so, around the 2nd episode, Candace calls and I tell her "Jason and I are watching West Wing, but you can come if you want."

I tell the same thing to Rob when he calls and when he asks to invite John and Carly. (And Charlie, as I found out when he showed up out of no where.) But Rob misunderstood. When I said "watching old episodes of West Wing," I mean "watching old episodes of West Wing all night." He and Garvey bailed early.

Candace and Carly left at curfew, and Chazz left after playing Super Metroid. Ah, Super Nintendo. Those were the days.

And I'm awake!

Damn 12 hours of sleep!

I'll probably be back. Muahahaha!

Oh, note to self: Learn to read "eye". ;)
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I'll be seeking only what I need

Oh, and Zoe was so good tonight. And she was being adorable too. I love her so much.

And I called Allie, left a message on the machine. STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HER.

Grrr...I'll abuse her phone tomorrow.

[It's sad, but sometimes I have to remind myself: I will not assume the worst, I will not assume the worst, I will not assume the worst...]
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I alone tempt you

Okay, I swear, this is my last post for the night.

I'm actually getting tired, so I'll be hitting the hay soon.

But! I've decided that I love my sister's digital camera and immense amount.

That, plus the addition of a website that will actually post pictures (fuck you, Geocities!!) and it's just so much more convenient. And you can delete things that don't turn out well.

I'm really not seeing anything bad...except that I don't have one. I'm thinking though, my birthday is only 3 and a half months away.

Which reminds me:
Question to the masses:
Let's say I turn 18 on Election Day. Can I vote? Am I allowed to register when I'm 17?

I love when my birthday is on a Tuesday. It's just that much cooler. Woo for Election Day! (And my half birthday is Cinco de Mayo. Go me!)
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Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be

The proximity of my post last night and this one this morning is not very encouraging.

In other words: I didn't get enough sleep.

But whatever.

Parents and Ci should be leaving soon for that country music thing. Then Zoe and I get a whole quality day together. If we don't kill each other first. Tomorrow too. Heh. I'm sure it will be fine.

Still tired. Might try and catch a few more zzz's now...
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And to her that ain't nothing, but to me it means everything

Eee! I love this song.

Alright, I tried calling Allie again. No answer. *growls* (Not that it's really anything new. Her family almost never picks up the phone.

I'm all showered and ready to nap! Eek, it's tiring today.

And Finesse changed their damn smell. It used to be good. Now it's almost the same, but with a little more of that butt smell. (Eh, more like that Pantene smell, but I abhor Pantene.)

So yes. I'm sleepy. And I'm taking care of a child with a lot more energy than me. And I want my Allie.

Perhaps I'll curl up on my Collapse ) with Collapse )
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You're a bad banana with a greasy black peal

I really love responsibility.

And I'm very responsible when I have to be.

I love being home at night and having to turn on lights when it gets dark. I do dishes and laundry without being asked. I love straightening out rugs that have gotten messed up, or pushing in couch cushions. I love arranging pillows.

But only when I have the house to myself.

I'm crazy, I know. But I just did dishes. And turned on the outside lights and cleaned up the mess from dinner. I straightened out the basement from when Zoe and I played Nintendo. I let her choose one of my DVDs to watch. (She picked How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version, of course)...a bit out of season, but I don't ask questions.)

I might watch Evita later. Get another thing of my "weekend to-do list". The other is Starfarers, so I'd need Candace for that. Maybe tomorrow.

I was also thinking about taking Zoe to see The Powerpuff Girls Movie. It looks good, and I want to see it too. Maybe I'll drag Candace with us. I think it would be a fun little outting. And Mama would be proud. (She wanted me to take Zip mini-golfing today. In 90 degree heat. Me and the kid. Yeah, she's off her fucking rocker.)

So. I'm motivated and feeling very grown-up and babysitter/auntish. So much with the good.
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(no subject)

It rained.

Fuck. My windows were down.


So I go outside. At midnight. In pajamas and flip-flops to roll them up.

As I'm rolling up the last one, a creepy car pulls into the driveway, slowly.

So I just walk to the back door, trying to ignore it completely, and lock myself in.

I think they were just turning around, but now I feel all squeemish.

It's times like these I wish I weren't alone in the house. (Oh, and the child and the cat don't count).

Eep. :(
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