July 16th, 2002


Man I don't know, but she sure looks pretty


I wanted to create a website through attbi because they are my internet service provider, and with that, we get free webspace. But apparently only the "service owner" can do that.

Cici! Can you give me your attbi email address and password so I can do this? Or do you want to use it?

Either way, let me know. And I promise to return your camera tomorrow.
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I had to drive away, far away till you could not find me

You can tell how hectic a day will be by the amount of email in your inbox.

9. In about 10 hours.

Granted about 6 were from Amanda...really bad political cartoons. That I don't agree with. :-\ I like the "no 'under god'" ruling.

But whatever.

Things to do today:
-Go to Cici's to transfer digital pictures onto a disk
-Do my nails for Senior Pictures tomorrow. Purple. Definitely purple.
-Try again to get a webpage through attbi.com. If that works, upload a bunch of pictures of my room that I took yesterday.
-Find snacks and make a sandwich for dinner.
-Pick up Candace by about 3:30, so we can go to Ravinia at 4 when gates open and reserve our spot for Blues Traveler.

I should be excited about that. Blues Traveler tonight! Eh, something about it being at Ravinia is terribly anti-climatic.
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(no subject)

Nothing can make you squee in the morning quite like "Gone"...in SPANISH!


(Side note: Ha ha ha. I'm making my mood "horny" because of Justin. Singing. In SPANISH! I don't even like Spanish!!!)

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Pain gives me the right to be unkind, and it sets me here

Stand by 'hectic day'.

Hectic day....GO!

Hee hee. I'm stage managing my life. Shut up. I'm easily amused.

But I really have to get my ass in gear if I'm going to get everything done. Most importantly...the nails.

Because. Senior picture. And. Need pretty. Nails. Yes. Bite me.

So, I'm off to Cici's! See y'all later!
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I'd better end it quick or I could lose all my nerve. Are you listening? Can you hear me?


So nails are done. And pretty purple! Whee!!

And I returned Ci's camera. And took my pictures off and transfered them to a CD. I also scanned a bunch of pictures of my friends and I.

I'm hopefully going to get that website thing and be able to post some pictures here.

Now, I need to go make some sandwiches and bring stuff for Ravinia. BLUES TRAVELER! Okay, I'm off.

And because I'm insane...a picture of me...
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Tell me, is this really life?


I tried to read my friend's page. And it wasn't that long. But I had to skim. I'm sorry, I'm just not in the mood. I love you all, but I can't.

I think I need to go cry into a pillow for a while. And very few people are going to be able to stop me.

I can deal with the highs, but why are the lows so fucking low?
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