July 14th, 2002


There ain't no use to sit and wonder why baby. There ain't no use anyhow

Eep. I haven't updated since yesterday. Criznazy.

Okay, so last night we had our Chinese!! Whee!

A lot more people showed up than I thought would. Jason came over and we started thinking of who to invite, and Candace called! She and her family decided to come home early, because they couldn't stand being stuck together for another day. Ahahaha!

But, my Candace is home! And she bought me a Stitch toy. When you pull the ice cream he's holding, it's attached to a string and he starts to shake. It's so cute. She also bought Jason a little red monkey. Little Red Monkey! It's funny.

So anyway. Melissa calls me...out of the complete blue, so she came over too. And Nikki, Carly and Amanda joined later. (Chazz got grounded for being 'out past curfew' the night before. I feel guilty because he was at my house. Eep.)

We ate Chinese, played Trivial Pursuit and all was good.

Everyone left for curfew except Nikki and Jason, and while Jason napped on my bed, Nikki and I talked for about an hour and a half. Seriously, nothing was resolved between us, and we didn't talk about anything of substance, but I know it makes her feel better that we talked, and I guess I do to. It's such a girl thing.

I was up far too early this morning. Well, 10:30-ish, but I didn't go to bed until 2:15, and after last night's lack of sleep, I should have been in bed until after noon.

But now I'm up. And showered. And Candace and I are going to be seeing MIIB at 2:15. Eh. Sundays are good days to hang out I suppose.
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It's a trace sensation, I'm almost happy. And I believe I'm just plain tired

I'm so tired.

It's been a looooooong day. Always.

Hee hee.

I'm also unusually giggly. Meh.

Candace and I went to see MIIB. It was...funny. But I always laugh at parts different from the ENTIRE REST OF THE THEATRE. I think I'm just 'special'. Either way, it had no plot and was an excuse to put Lara Flynn Boyle in tight, cleavage-revealing leather.

Dace (pronounced: dah-say) and I went to the park after and played Egyptian Rat Screw until 6 when we went back to my house for barbecue and strawberry short cake.

Lindsay was going to meet us at the park, but instead decided to come to my house and that we would walk. We also invited Jason, Garvey and Rob. Before we were about to go, Lewis called. It was insane because I was talking with someone recently about how I hadn't talked to him, let alone seen him in about two weeks. (Shut up, it's a long time.) He decided to join us, but came to my house because he'd get lost trying to find the park.

The 7 of us played Ultimate Frisbee. I was on the team with 3 people. And once we traded Lewis for Jason, we kicked ass. Jenny showed up and she joined our team too.

It was fun. Then we called Bridgette and she said we could go use her pool! So we all trekked out that way.

We watched the end of the Robin Williams special that was live from New York with her family. So fucking funny.

Then we went to the pool. I hadn't brought a suit, so I just sat at the edge with my feet in. I wanted to swim, but couldn't. So Lewis tried (twice) to pull me in by the feet. I just grabbed onto the side with my hands though, and all was good. Then Jason grabbed both my hands and I had nothing to hang on to, so I was in the pool. Fully clothed. Tank top and denim capris. Denim gets heavy in water.

But I stayed in, because I wanted to be there. I just would have preferred to be appropriately clothed.

I left around 11 with Jason and Candace. So early. But it gave me a chance to change out of wet clothes and into comfy pajamas. Mmm...pajamas...

That's about it. OH! And I think it's really frickin' cool and I was in kino's dream. Way too amused by it. :D

I'm tired, but don't want to go to bed. Rumor has it, there's an Undressed marathon on MTV. It's so bad, but so funny. I might watch some of that. Or just crash. The world may never know.

My internet connection is always slower on the weekends. *sigh*
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