July 13th, 2002


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So little sleep in so much time.

The evening went well though. Zoe and I chilled and hung out for a few hours...waiting for Mikey. Carly and Charlie were the first to show up around 9. I was hoping to keep friends away until after Anthony left, but oh well. I think me sitting with a couple friends expedited his exit.

Mike and Zoe watched TV and DVDs in my mom's room while we hung out in the living room. Lindsay showed up, then Amanda, and Jason. It was small, and some people who wanted to come, didn't, but it was fine. Small is good.

We watched Mallrats. Fabulous film. Heh. I love Kevin Smith. The night before we had watched Chasing Amy. I feel like I should watch Clerks today or something. A backward order thing going on. And to tell the truth, we watched Dogma last week.

Linz left the earliest, around 1:30, I think. Everyone else had planned to stay the night except Chazz, because he lives a few houses down. He planned to leave when everyone started crashing, which was about 3:45. Amanda had to leave early (to be home by 7), but I think she actually ditched out earlier than that. Maybe around 5:30?

Times are so relative, and I'm trying to remember, but it's hard. I didn't sleep too well, so I looked at the clock a lot. Around 6 though, I decided to come upstairs to sleep...so I'd be closer to kids when they woke up. Didn't sleep well up there either, but it was better than before.

The kids actually stayed in bed until 8. Probably because Zoe stayed up until 10:45 and Mikey until 11:30. I'm such a bad babysitter. Oops.

The kids woke up and I fed them and they were watching cartoons. I already showered and now the three of us are in the basement, trying not to make too much noise because Carly and Jason are still sleeping...or trying to.

And it is far too early to be up and showered, especially after so little sleep. I will keel over later...you just wait. The parents and Ci are still at Lake Geneva. No word from them yet, but check out is 11, so they'll probably be home around noon.

Good news though, Jason and I decided to get Chinese for dinner tonight. Whee! I've had such a craving since that day we tried to order and it was closed.

Oh, and Candace gets home tomorrow.
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Pink - Not your kind of girl

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My mother has gotten bitter and evil in her old age. This is why I'm having issues with her.

Well. There's probably more to it, but this was my most recent discovery.

And now! We nap!
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There goes my hero, watch him as he goes

Two and a half hour nap is EXACTLY what I needed today.


Still really tired. Now my sleep count is up to something like 5 hours. Last night was just crazy though.

La la la. I have nothing to say.

Hmm. Perhaps I should do something productive? ? ?
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