July 10th, 2002


Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

I most definitely went to bed after 12:30 last night.

And I was definitely up at 9am this morning.

What the fuck?

I got nooooo sleep compared to my norm. Damn.

But, I emailed my brother to ask about possible camping places, which might help us out. Yay for camping.

Oh right. And my mother is being a mega-bitch again. And expecting me to be at her beck and call 24 hours a day. I swear. This is the kind of thing that would push a weaker child over the edge. I hope she realizes that. I definitely don't get paid enough to deal with this shit.
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Seems the road less traveled shows happiness unraveled

My playlist is huge again.

For a while (too long) I had about 100 songs. On shuffle and repeat. It was getting very boring, though definitely allowed me to learn and understand some of those songs more closely.

Then yesterday I downloaded some news songs (a bunch of Green Day, some Nirvana. Other random stuff).

So I had to reload a playlist, and I added back in artists and songs that I had kept out previously. It felt good hearing Matchbox Twenty, Bree Sharp, and so many others again. My fear with mp3s is hearing the same songs over and over and getting sick of them. I hate feeling like a song is so overplayed that I can't listen to it anymore (and this happens often). I get to a point where I have to stop listening to it. Even if I love it dearly, if it comes on the radio, I must search for something else. I want to be able to save the love. It took me a good year before I could listen to "Bent" again.

So yes. Changing some stuff up a bit.

It just feels good. Break is over. I need my music back. :)
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Well it's not enough just to be sorry

I still maintain that soup is best out of a mug.

And I maintain that I don't like soup so much, and should eat sandwiches for lunch instead. But Mama needs to buy more lunch meat.

Yeah. That's about it.

I have the strangest compulsion to 1) take a walk, 2) dance. REALLY dance, and 3) sing loudly to country music. What the fuck? I don't even like country (besides a few modern country chick bands/artists).

So odd.
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(no subject)

This is a GIP.

I've taken my yearning for country music, and made something useful.

They lyrics are from a Dixie Chicks song, off of Fly, but I don't remember which at the moment. (EDIT: The song is "Without You".)

The picture is from www.weather.com.

And *poof!* Icon. It's pretty, I think.

(EDIT: FECK!! Journal ate my icon!!! It won't show up! It's not supposed to be default, I swear!!!)

Also!!! Driven is on in 4 minutes!! EEEEEEEEEE! Must. Go. Watch!
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(no subject)

Like the incredibly huge dumbass I am, I missed incrediblyhot!Joey on TRL today.


Do they replay it? Anyone? Bueller???


BUT! I watched Driven!!

One, I don't like Lynn's new hair. I liked the long blond curls.

Two, Joey's dad!! Oh my god, I was almost in tears. There is so much love and fun and music and laughter in that family. I WANT IN!! (Hee hee. As a side note: STEVE! >:) )

Three, I love Chris. And his mom. And they...they're just fabulous people. You can tell.

Four, Diane Bass scares me. A lot. "A LOT"

Five, they barely fit everything in in 90 minutes. Those boys have had a hell of a career. Yay.

Six, I love VH1. It's going to be airing about 20 times in the next week. And guess who's going to watch it every time? ;)

Well, not me, because I never catch shows I want to. (*cough*JoeyonTRL*cough*). But I'll be more likely to check what's on the TV when I'm bored.

And I still have my new icon. Which I've decided that I like a lot. So yay.
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The moon is full and my arms are empty

So I've listened to two CDs today.

3 Doors Down
Dixie Chicks - Fly (twice)

I remembered why I went to see them in concert. I love some of their songs.
"Cold Day in July"
"Without You"
"Heartbreak Town" (which makes me get pricklies down my spine EVERY time I listen to it. Especially loudly)

So much country.

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You don't know how far you've gone, or recognize what you've become


So I'm talking to a friend of mine online. He asks me to tell him something about myself that he doesn't know.

*raises eyebrow*

Sounds like something out of 10 Things... but he's harmless, so I continue.

I tell him I'm not really blond and he goes crazy.

He didn't know at all. Didn't have a clue!


I love my hair stylist!
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