July 9th, 2002


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So everyone and their brother is talking about Joey in RENT. Um, yay?

I guess that's good for him. I've never seen it, though, and didn't really have the ambition to see it either. Though sadly, I would definitely consider it more now...

Wow, it's only Tuesday....

And, I got 10 hours of sleep last night. Go me.

I think today is going to be another good day. Yay.
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Breathing is the hardest thing to do

Whee for boredom.


I tried to watch The Tailor of Panama with Geoffrey Rush and Pierce Brosnan. It seemed pretty good, but was too slow for my liking.

My patience is zero today.

Hmm...Collapse may be calling me right now...
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Never free, never me, so I dub thee unforgiven

Grrr...I want my Audiogalaxy back.

Seriously folks. Give it the fuck back!

I can't find any alternatives that I like. I hate the Napster style of stuff, so WinMX is sucking (and I didn't like Kaaza so much either).

I want Audiogalaxy!!!!!!!!


In other news, ...

Nope, wait. My life is boring and I have no other news.

But I still want Audiogalaxy, those BASTARDS!!
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I still remember that time in the market, ran up behind me and jumped on the shopping cart

Camping plans are in the works!!

We know that we are going July 26-28. Most likely somewhere in Wisconsin.

If Devil's Lake State Park is booked (which it probably is), we may set our sights on Bong State Recreation Area.

Yeah. We want to go to Bong too. ;)

Other than that, we just played a lot of Super Smash, Mario Kart (both for N64) and Settlers of Catan. Boring evening, but happy.

I've been happy. It feels really good.
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