July 1st, 2002


Falling faster time goes by, fear is not seen through these eyes

First, I hate creepy phone calls.

Second, Happy Birthday, Saabira!!

Third, I'm exploding with puppy love today! Between the pictures Celeste posted, and the video clips Dacey posted, I'm going absolutely teenie. Amanda stole my PopOdyssey DVD, or I'd be watching it right now. Might have to go to Cici's. AND!!! Cici said the Reel NSYNC DVDs are in! Whee!!!!!

Fourth, my tummy hurts. :(
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Pink - Not your kind of girl

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So I have this friend.

And she pisses the hell out of me.

But I can't be mean to her, because we've been friends for 6 years. There's history there.

But I'm to the point where when I talk to her on AIM, I find a reason to put up my away message, and don't take it down until she leaves.

It's really bad. And I think she (along with some other friends) has been noticing me 'distancing' myself. Change of scene is all. I'm getting closer to some, further from others. But like the obedient little gail I am, I will eventually come back, tail wagging happily behind me.

I think there are fewer and fewer people who understand me.

In a final note, I wish these carrots tasted better.
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She never mentions the word 'addiction' in certain company

So my new sister-in-law (whoa, that's weird. But it's more normal than 'my brother's wife'. Egad!) is a distributor for food dye, or sells it, or something. For candy. So she gets free samples of stuff, and goes to big candy expos all the time.

She gave us a big bag of candy at the wedding..."goody bags" for the kids, though my sisters and I picked through it at our heart's desire.

I stashed mine in my purse, so today when I was cleaning it out of the excess crap that wound up there over the weekend, I found a bunch of treats.

Not leaving well enough alone, I started to munch and now, have a headache and feel really sick. So much sugar!

And those damn cherry sours always taste like soap, but I love them for some reason and couldn't stop eating!

Ick. Too much sugar.
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