June 29th, 2002


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Hectic is the world we live.

*le sigh*

Long day over. Another one to come.

I talked to a bunch of people online tonight though, and that always makes me feel good. One on one conversation is my forte, I think.

And I'm writing Allie another letter to send her in Alaska. She's going to get so much mail. Nikki and Candace were also sending letters. Amanda might be too. I don't know who else.

Contemplating Senior year Spring Break. Early, I know, but I think we should either go camping, or to Disney (Orlando, of course). Fa said that their stay was only $59 a night. *le sigh* Still expensive. And I have no job. And I can't get one in the fall because of Fall Play and STUNTS. Damn me and my commitments. But they make me happy.

And I feel dead tonight, and I have a lot on my mind, but it's a jumble. I couldn't put things down if I wanted to.

Strange. Very strange.

Is it a full moon or something?
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Can you take it all away when you shoved it in my face?


Great big oy for the day.

The mass chaos and hecticness has again ensued, and this time I'm being swept up in it.

9am - Wake up
10:15am - Be at Cici's to watch the kids
1:30pm - Be at the Forest Preserve for the Wedding (pictures?)
3pm - Wedding
After - Be at Dean and Juliet's for the Reception

It's really hectic when EVERYONE has a different schedule and everything is crossing and over lapping, and thank god we all have cell phones, because I'm sure they will be used A LOT today.


I'm really hoping everything goes well. And everyone shows up. Grrr...

I need to mail the letter I wrote to Allie yesterday, and I'm bringing the shirt I think I'll be wearing to the wedding to Cici's. I'm also going to do my hair there. Not sure what I'll be doing with it, but I'm bringing a bunch of bobby pins, rubber bands and a brush.

Eek. So much stuff.

So yeah. This will probably be my only entry for the day. I might not be home tonight at all. We shall see where the night takes me.
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Baby you're a big star now

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Alright, so I'm a dirty liar.

Scratch that last post.

On my way up to Ci's (I hadn't gotten very far) I see her and the kids driving to the house. I turn around and come home.

So now I'm home and watching the kids. And have no where to be until 1:30.

I think Fayanne and Brad are going to Potbelly, though. I might ask them to bring me back something, but I have no money.

Tonight, I'm missing Bridgette's birthday party. :( I suppose weddings come first though. (And if anyone reads this who is going, send my love and apologies to Bridgette!!)

Noooooobody's online because it's 10am on a Saturday. This bites.

I'm so boooooored.

I guess I could figure out what I'm doing with my hair. Hmm...
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In your mind is where I'll plant my seed


It's almost noon! Where the hell is everyone? WAKE UP!!!

I'm bored. And freezing. We have the air on, and it's only 82 out! It's friggin' beautiful...open some windows, you slacks!

I decided to just wear my hair down.

And I still have no where to be for over an hour. Methinks I woke up early for nothing.
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