June 28th, 2002


Take time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal

Something I find highly entertaining:
Because I make all of my subject lines random lyrics and lines from songs (either those stuck in my head, or those currently playing) it's fun to be in the Calendar subject view. It's just a list of lyrics. I love it.

You can play too! Check out my subject lines for the month of June here if you are too lazy to find it yourself. (Don't worry, I'm in the lazy category too. Give me a link, or I'm not following.)

I'm tired. But I don't want to sleep. And I'm sort of restless. And I have decided that I hate secrets. Screw secrets. It's not worth it.

Under the same category of the last comment, here are some titles that seem fitting for my mood right now:
"And she swears there's nothing wrong, I hear her playing that same old song"
"Falling faster time goes by, fear has not seen through these eyes"
"I find the need to be the demon, a demon cannot be hurt"
"No one will ever notice if I keep my mouth shut tight"
"Run and tell the angels that everything's all right"
"Your lip was bleeding but it was fine"
"Please don't come down and see me this way"

Yeah. So now I'm done.
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Hold your hands up to the sky and try to hard to rise above

You know you haven't gotten enough sleep when you don't have to skip back on your friends page after night.

Who the hell wakes up before 8:30 anyway? Umm...noon please??

And everyone and their brother is off of work today. Cici is home, Mama was home yesterday too (with Zoe in toe). I think my father is working, but Dave and Katie are somewhere (probably hyperventilating) and Dean and Juliet are probably trying to clean their house/yard for the reception.

Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, but there will be no rehearsal and will probably just be eating pizza at Dean and Juliet's. It's okay though, because 1) I like pizza and 2) I'm going to have to be there a lot this weekend, so I may as well learn the way.

I wonder when Fayanne and Brad are coming up.

In other news: This post has sucked. Expect another.
Also: The bitch tendencies are great today. Consider yourself warned.
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I know a movie star, I've got her plastered to my wall

Okay, well I napped. Or went back to sleep. Or whatever. 2 hours. Definitely good.

But my tummy is rumbly and I want to shower. So I'm going to do that. And then go invade Cici's apartment and distract her from cleaning. BWAHAHAHA!

Yup. That's my agenda for the day. I'm off!
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(no subject)



Okay, she's only my mother. She's probably under a lot of stress with the wedding and all. I should understand this.


Egad, it's horrible. There's a reason I avoid her. Feh!
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You're getting closer to pushing me off of life's little edge

Journal has been sloooooow today. Where the hell is everyone?

Oh, wait. It's Friday. Dammit, I keep thinking it's Saturday.

Cici and I went to Michael's (where we met up with Mama and Zoe). Low and behold, Juliet and Katie were also there (picking up ribbon?)

Mama's on a hell spree today, and I'm avoiding at all costs. The guy at Corner Bakery was already chewed out because the order was going to be 2 hours later (and Mama was told this after going there an hour after the pick-up time. She was not happy)

So yes. Today is avoid Mama day, and wait for rehearsal dinner when everything can come together and be happy and everyone can down a few drinks and the euphoria can kick in. :)

Also!!! The Sara Lee outlet in Vernon Hills is closing today, so Cici and I picked up a 5lb Lasagna, a Banana Cake SHEETCAKE (It's huge. Half of it is mine. Bwahahaha!), Cinnamon Rolls, Cheesecake Bites and some Banana Nut muffins. It's so fabulous!

Besides, Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee!

Oh right, and:

Which John Cusack Are You?

I love John Cusack. And he's from the Chicago area! Whee!!
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(no subject)

So, if I were to buy a Green Day album, which should I buy?

This is a big "if" seeing as how I'm broke. But I was thinking "Insomniac" or maybe "Nimrod".

Opinions and suggestions welcomed. :)
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So many players you'd think I was a ballgame

Well, I was supposed to be at the Rehearsal Dinner over a half an hour ago.

But I was going to be carpooling with Cici, after she picked up Mikey. Mikey's camp bus was like...2 hours late? Or something insane like that. Last I hear from her an hour ago and I don't think she had him.

But I took a nap. :)

AND! I had a dream about JC (from NSYNC...clarification is needed because I reference 4 JC's. Hee hee).

Anywho! The dream also involves Cici's kitten, JC, who if he were a person, would most definitely be JC from NSYNC. Lanky and long legged, cute and cuddly, likes to sleep in sunny spots....just yes.

So, the dream was that my sister's cat (and all animals) could turn into humans, and JC, when in human form, was hitting on this girl. It wasn't my sister, though it was her apartment. She sort of looked like Kim Possible (the cartoon on Disney). Anywho, something happens and Kim and JC are taken into custody by cops, believe they had been in some sort of espionage thing.

Okay, I can't really explain it, but the point is that the cat turned into JC and humancat!JC was cuddly and cute and hitting on the chick. It was funny. But I think it was funnier in my head.
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Here we are now, entertain us

Okay, far too amused by the predetermined occupation selector that starsprinkles posted.

You shall live in Smallville as Lex Luthor\'s bitch. Your job shall be to grant wishes to suspiciously bearded cottony-swabs.

You shall live in Justin Timberlake\'s pants.. Your job shall be to scare black spaghetti.

You shall live as long as I choose to allow. Your job shall be to ride virginal men.

You shall live in Justin Timberlakes Ego. Your job shall be to vomit on sordid mysteries.

You shall live as a fanfic slasher. Your job shall be to run over horribly whiny astro-physicists.

Well, it's obvious I'm destined to be a slasher and live somewhere in Justin. Bwahahaha!

Now on to entertain myself elsewhere.
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