June 11th, 2002


And she swears there's nothing wrong, I hear her playing that same old song

You'd think I'd be able to sleep late during summer. Grr...well, by next week I'll be fine. After all the finals and school ends and I have no reason to be up, I'll be able to sleep. I hope.

Mama sent out an email to the family about me not going on the weekend WIU trip:
Gail won't be coming with on our Western trip! She's going to a graduation party on Friday night instead... one she really, really, really wants to go to. I tried to lay the guilt trip on her, but Butch took her side and said she should go to the party. I think he does that to irritate me, but I didn't let it bother me, as we all know, life's too short! We'll have a good time without her! Gail - I'm sure you'll get tired hearing about our fun trip :o)

The amount of stuff wrong in that paragraph is too much to handle. One, that she thinks this is a big deal. And damn her for taking a blow at my father. Whatever, I'm staying home, and that's all that matters. And my cousin Annette responded saying I made the right choice. Damn straight.

In related news, my mother sends out far too many emails.

I'm thinking I'm going to sit around and watch movies all day.

Oh! And I may have mentioned this, but my best friend Allie and I are holding a party on Saturday. It's at her house, and hopefully, it's going to be huge. All of her friends, all of my friends, all of our mutual friends. It'll be fantastic. I'm excited.

Plus!! That means that we get to go shopping for party supplies on Saturday!! We are both huge organizing geeks (like my markers are in rainbow order, etc.) so planning a party is a dream come true. We're discussing it later today (after her two finals...AHAHAHAHA) and making finalized plans. Whee! Party!
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Hey, don't write yourself off yet, it's only in your head you feel left out and looked down on

Well, I've made it through a large portion of the day without posting.

I'm proud of myself.

Allie and I finalized our party stuff and sent out a mass email. If everyone shows, it'll be damn-near 30 people. I hope it is. The more the merrier.

Reasons why I love The Three Musketeers:
- It's a Disney movie
- Charlie Sheen is hot
- Chris O'Donnell is adorable
- Kieffer Sutherland looks amazing. (I love his hair!)
- It's a period piece
- Tim Curry is the coolest ever!
- Rebecca De Mornay is one of the most beautiful women ever.
- It was already half over so I didn't get too bored in my concentration-deficient state.


And I should do something. But I'm again restless. And have no destination. But I'll probably be going to with people tonight. So yay!

I might go up to Ci's...just to waste time...
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(no subject)

This post signifies nothing except to show me where I left off on my friend's page.

And to say I'm going to dinner at Walker Bros. Yum!
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