June 7th, 2002


I can't take it anymore, and I'm almost pretty sure I've been here before

Ignore the fact that I came home three hours past curfew.

And that I have to be up in 5 and a half hours.

And that I haven't prepared AT ALL for my French speaking final tomorrow.

But I had fun tonight!

Had dinner and watched CSI with Cici, then I went to Chili's for dinner and to Bridgette's to watch Not Another Teen Movie with Lewis, Jenny, Mary, Steph and Bridgette.


Okay, going to attempt to study French. I may fail and be sleeping within 10 minutes...but at least I tried?

And...tomorrow's the last day of school! *does a Snoopy Dance of joy* Wheeee!
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If you want you can get to know me well, we get along so we shouldn't argue


It doesn't feel all that different, but oh well.

Other than the French final thing I had today (which I bombed and everyone else said was really hard), the day was awesome.

My English teacher sang us a song, then let us out early.

In history we learned, but I love that class, so it was a good thing.

Gym was boring. We played softball and I think Carly and I lost our participation points for the day because we wandered away from the game to learn about the physics of frisbee from a Physics class that had come outside. Sullivan wasn't too happy. (We had friends in the class...we didn't just randomly join a class.)

Chorus was a free period.

Theatre we ate food and told what we'd be doing this summer.

French was the final. Eww.

Calculus. The Starbucks thing fell though, but most of the class went to sit outside, while Amanda stayed to write her French speaking final out (her tape got messed up and she had to redo it). But I turned on the TV to the ABC/NBC/CBS channel (yes, they are all one. I guess it just picks which to show at what hours), and watched General Hospital for a half hour. I didn't get the plot, but it's a soap opera, so it doesn't really matter.

9th we went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. Candace ditched gym, and the rest of us had free. Mmm...rainbow sherbet.

There was a short STUNTS Board meeting today after school.

And now I'm home.

That was a play-by-play of my day. Hope you enjoyed.

Might be going out tonight. Nikki's or maybe a movie. But for now, I nap!
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