June 2nd, 2002


You're incompetant, inconsiderate, you're so childish

Did you miss me?

Feels like forever since I updated...but considering I was gone for 18 hours yesterday, I guess it's not too surprising I didn't get a chance to update.

I left at 9am to help set up for Crew Kickball.

It was kickballerific.

Ha ha.

No, it was fun. And the barbecue was yummy. And we played the Junior class versus Freshman, Sophomore, Senior and Graduates combined...and we one. The Junior class has always won. We won when we were Freshman, and last year. We predict another win next year. Go us.

Also played Ultimate Frisbee, and at about 6 people started leaving to go to Bridgette's to swim in her pool. Yay swimming.

Oh, and I got terrible burned. To the point where if I pick something up that might cause my bicep to work a bit, it hurts! And I'm very pink. But it will turn into a nice tan, and Aloe Vera with Lidocaine is my best friend right now. Get on the Boat, the Banana Boat...

So swimming. Then around 9 we decide to go eat somewhere for dinner. It's 9:30 before we decide on Olive Garden. Our group of 10 ended up being the last people there at 11:30 and they were waiting on us to leave so they could close everything up. Eep!

Chaz and I went back to Bridgette's and the three of us watched Willow. Yes, that's right. The 80's movie about the midget and Val Kilmer saving the baby from the Evil Queen. I fell asleep for the first hour, so I was a little lost when I woke up, but that's okay. It was fun anyway.

We ended up leaving at 3, and I was so burned and tired, that I just crawled in bed and slept. No journal entry for the night.

I'm still pretty tired. I woke up at 10:30 today to go to breakfast with Fayanne and my dad. Came to the conclusion that my parents are truly wonderful people. I knew that before, but it's good to remind myself how lucky I am.

However, I "borrowed" our grilling stuff, spatula/flippy things yesterday for the barbecue at kickball...and left them there. And we might be cooking out later. Eep! I probably should have told Daddy that I took those.

Well, I have an English Final essay to write, and a history project due Tuesday, and I need to study for my French test that's tomorrow and work on that presentation for Wednesday. And hopefully I can fit a nap in there somewhere.
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Looking through the paper though he doesn't know to read

The epitome of bad!

My mind thinks it's summer!

Brain: Let's go out!!
Me: No, we have to do homework.
Brain: >:p
Me: There's still another week of school.
Brain: Nuh-uh! Find friends! Go out! See movie with sister!
Me: No. Must work.
Brain: Nap! Nap! Nap!
Me: Can't nap. Need to write papers.
Brain: Nooooooooo! [runs away]
Me: Dammit.

Oh, and if anyone can find my lost sister, Cici, I may offer a reward. Zoe is here right now, but she comes mommy-less. Have you seen my big sis'er?
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This will all fall down, like everything else that was

Couple quick notes.

I'm bored, and the work on my History paper is going very slowly. And I'm a bit conflicted. It's a paper on James Dean and his impact to the Fifties, and also specifically to 1955. So I'm wondering if I should focus on his death (because that was in '55), or if I should concentrate on Rebel Without a Cause because it was filmed in 1955. Rebel could be my connection to the decade, and his death could be my connection to the specific year, but I can't find a lot on his death. I need how it effected people.

Any help or suggestions on this would be welcome.

I still want a nap.

Gail the Exhibitionist, Part Deux:
Okay, so about a week ago, I was discussing why I keep a journal and mentioned the whole "exhibitionist" thing. But I think I'm too modest to be an exhibitionist. Modesty is something that I've been taught, so maybe it doesn't count, but I've never been one to brag. I was always the shy, quiet one. I would speak only when asked to, and that's how people knew I was intelligent. (I'm sort of referring to elementary school and times I was a child, to give proper perspective for my thoughts here.) But it holds true even now. I haven't told anyone about being Assistant Director of Fall Play, or Producer of STUNTS. Not my friends, not my family. I posted in journal, but like I've said, this is as much for me as it is for anyone else.

I'm happy for these, and would like to receive praise and recognition (who doesn't?) but I don't tell people. It's interesting.

Eh, I should get back to work. Or sleep. Which ever.

Oh, and I know where the grilling stuff is. It's in Eric's trunk. And my skin is so hot and the temperature in the basement is so cold, that I'm shivering even though I'm burning up. It's crazy.
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There you go just trusting someone else

Because every time this song comes on, I literally stop what I'm doing and just listen with all my heart. God, I love Rob Thomas.

Leave by matchbox twenty
It's amazing
how you make your face just like a wall
how you take your heart and turn it off
how I turn my head and lose it all

It's unnerving
how just one move puts me by myself
there you go just trusting someone else
now I know I put us both through hell

I'm not saying
there wasn't nothing wrong
I just didn't think you'd ever get tired of me
I'm not saying
we ever had the right to hold on
I just didn't wanna let it get away from me

But if that's how it's gonna leave
straight out from underneath
then we'll see who's sorry now
If that's how it's gonna stand, when
you know you've been depending on
the one you're leaving now
the one you're leaving out

It's aggravating
how you threw me on
and you tore me out
how your good intentions turn to doubt
the way you needed time to sort it out

Tell me is that how it's going to end
when you know you've been depending on
the one you're leaving now
and the one you're leaving out

Simply amazing.

Please hand me the bottle, I think I'm lonely now

Shortly after my last post I laid down on my bed and took a nap for a couple hours.

But silly me slept on my stomach so that my arms and chest could endure the maximum pain to their burnage. Ouch.

Woke up hurting, so I just put on some more Aloe (plus Lidocaine!). So much burning.

But sleep! and I think Liad was in my dream. It was a bit bizarre.
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And I thank the Lord for the people I have found

Well...it was a toss up.

Go to dinner with family or stay and do homework.

I decided that, since it's been a while since I've seen family, I'd go to dinner.

Then, when we get back, Dave and Katie show up.

My entire immediate family was actually in the house all at the same time. All seven of us, plus Katie and Zoe. It was amazing, because it's not even a holiday.

So I sat around talking with them. And then Dave and Katie left, and Emily left, and Cici and Zoe left, and Daddy went to bed, and Mom, Fayanne and I stayed up.

Two hours. I could have been writing my History paper, but some things are just more important.
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