June 1st, 2002

Kate Hudson - Lady

You're driftwood floating under water, breaking into pieces

Long day.

First off, the excitingness of Fall Play and STUNTS stuff: I'm Assistant Directing the Fall Play, and am Producer of STUNTS. Very excited about Producer. I'm in charge of it all. Like...everything. Eep!

My night:
Went to Panera for dinner with Jenny and Bridgette. Then we went to go see Lord of the Rings...again. We had all seen it at least once already. But! It was the first time any of us got to see the preview for Two Towers. Eeee! And it's so much better the second time around.

Then we went to Bridgette's and found the best website ever. It's Lego Bible. Fucking hilarious. When I get the link, I'll post, and I'll probably post pictures too, because it's great.

For now though, I need to be at school by 9 (for Crew Kickball). Meaning awake at 8. Yay for 6 hours of sleep.
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