May 31st, 2002


I don't care much, for your actress

Okay. Eh.

French project. Done. It's a PowerPoint presentation, which I absolutely suck at, but it was the easiest thing to do. And I used pictures. I even scanned the cover of the book so I could get the "real" Pierre and Eve. It's actually not too bad. Fun with ClipArt!

History. Typed up my cheat sheet for tomorrow's essays. Not sure how much good it will do. I pretty much have a solid grasp on the Fifties though. I mean, that's the fun stuff. Teachers usually stop at WWII, so this is like, new and different! Yay!

English. Eh. I'll BS my way through this sheet thing in the morning. It's just "initial ideas" anyway. In other words, I don't need to spend too much time on it.

Calculus. Homework? What's that? We've been going to class for 15 minutes every day to watch part of a video, then leaving. He completely doesn't care about us any more.

Schedule. Trying not to think about it.

Audition. Ditto.


All the crap I need to get done for next week, because the week after is finals. Avoiding like the plague.

I should get to bed. Me = sleepy + a little bit o' crack.

Edit: I consciously changed the icon on this post to be JC...because...with the glasses...and just...guh! [melts]
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Good night, don't fear, I always will watch over you my dear

Had my meeting with Mrs. Kravets (career planner woman).

Basically, I cried the entire time.

She started with my schedule for next year. I don't really have one yet, and it's getting me upset. Really upset. I mean, I've changed things about 6 times and nothing is working.

But she told me I could drop math. That way I can take Foreign Policy and suggested I take Economics instead of Consumer Ec. This is good, because my history teacher does Econ too, and I'd like to have him again.

Overall, it didn't go too badly.

I just cried a lot.

Sometimes I wish I weren't such a girl.

She said that with the courses I'd taken and my ACT scores, that any state school would love to have me, and would probably give me money too. And because it's all we can afford, I suppose I'm state school bound.

She suggested the usual: Iowa, Ohio State, Illinois State, Indiana, Missouri. Mama threw in Eastern because of Fayanne. Wisconsin's a bit more expensive, but obtainable. Same with Minnesota.

I've got a list that I'll look up online and start considering.


I'm definitely going to need to go out tonight. It's been a hard week, and if it were legal, I'd go get myself drunk. Very drunk.
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