May 27th, 2002


In my eyes, indisposed, in-disguised as no one knows

The barbecue It was okay. A little long. And we left early.

Then to Charlie's to play Settlers of Catan. Damn that game rocks. I wish I had any sort of strategy. I might actually win then, but nevertheless, it was fun.

Then I went to Lewis' to watch The Sting. I liked it. It was good. It sort of reminded me of Ocean's Eleven in a way (because we all know I'm obsessed with it).
Robert Redford = Brad Pitt
Paul Newman = George Clooney.
Bad guy with a limp = Andy Garcia
Eileen Brennman = Julia Roberts

Bam! Perfecto.

I'm sleepy now. I wonder what I'll do with my day tomorrow. I suppose I'll have to wait and see. Maybe I can find someone to go see Spider-Man with me.
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Gonna do what I please, gonna spread the disease because I wanna

First, the party. It was okay. Nothing overly exciting. Small gathering, all girls, make-your-own sundae set-up, 10 Things I Hate About You. Can't go wrong.

Then Ci, my cousin Stephanie and I went to go see Spider-Man. It was pretty good. I also got to listen to more of the soundtrack in all my driving today, and I'm also continually impressed with that. It's solid.

I took Zoe home to Ci's, and while there, gave myself a pedicure. Yay for recently polished toes. Then started on my English reading for the weekend. One more chapter left and I'm done. And I did my history homework this morning. Yay for the Cold War.

So yeah. A little more English reading, and I can call it a night. Hmm. I have DVDs due back at Blockbuster by noon tomorrow. Go now, or wait till the morning. I'd hate to run late. I also hate that I never got around to watching Life as a House, especially since I've been told it's good by a few different people. Watch it tonight, return movies in the morning, get very little sleep? I'll start small with finishing my English reading.

As a side note: I really dislike the Hives song that I quote in the subject line. I don't know why, but I feel adamantly against it. Strange.

Also: my friends all thought I was crazy when I called Kat's sonnet at the end of 10 Things... the "Dr. Seuss Poem".

Okay. Me = working.

[Edit: Way too tired. Finished reading, and now I'm crashing. I might get stuff done in the morning, but I'm not holding my breath. I've already accepted the fact that I'll probably have late fees at Blockbuster. Oh lease I'll get to watch Life as a House tomorrow then. How much are late fees, anyhow?]
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