May 25th, 2002


They were looking for me when I came through

So. Much. Tiredness.

Zoe's party was fun. I think I may have ruined a pair of jeans sliding through grass (and dirt/mud) playing Ultimate Frisbee. Then we went to Mulder's house.

Believe it or not, basically all we did was play chess. See, I'd never played before, but I knew the how pieces could move. So Charlie and I played, and Aaron and I played, and Lindsay and I played. Lindsay was the only one who was as clueless as I was, so our games were a little more fair.

The night could definitely have been more fun.

Especially considering my feeling towards a certain number of people who I spent an unfortunate amount of time with. Grr.

But the weekend is mine. All mine!

And so is my bed. Night!

Oh, and that whole friendsfriends page, and all the new LJ features are pretty damn spiffy.
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Can you see her waiting there?


Went shopping. Bought Ocean's Eleven!!! Whee!!! Widescreen, finally. At Target for $17. I love Target.

Also got the Tantric CD. Yay.

Now I need sleep...

And dammit, the parents are home. With the kids. *cries* So much for quietness.
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Find open arms to greet me, and friends to feed me, I sicken myself so much


I slept.

But had a really fucked up, bad-ish dream. Too much CSI for Gail.

The main problem was that I kept sleeping and waking up in the dream, so it was really hard to break out of it and really wake up. And then it wasn't very restful. And it was bad.

But I'm up now. And ready to go out. I should call some people. See what's up.
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Exit light, enter night, take my hand, we're off to never never land

Slacker am I. I should really call people, so I stop being so bored. Or maybe I'll make them call me.

I could watch a DVD, but my TV's being funky and shit, so I would have to go upstairs.

Okay. Game plan:
-Call Candace. If going out is a no-go...
-Watch Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her.

Opa for decision making. Now where's that fucking phone?
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You're holding the rope and I'm taking the fall

I still want to go out. Badly. I want to go out badly!

But on the bright side, I watched Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her. I liked it. Mama came home for the last 10 minutes and now she's watching it.

Very chick flick in a lean toward artsy.

I wish my friends weren't such bitches and would not do homework on a Saturday night over a three-day weekend. Wretched whores. All of them!
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Okay, so Thursday night, we are watching There's Something About Mary and Lewis asks who the black chick is, because she looks familiar. I was thinking the same thing, but neither of us could come up with her name or what she'd been in before.

I found it! (with a little help from the IMDB...cause it's the best)

Her name is Khandi Alexander.
She was Catherine on "NewsRadio". She also played Dr. Benton's sister Jackie on "ER".


She's going to be on "CSI: Miami" in the Fall!

Whee!!! David Caruso! This Khandi chick! Lucas from Empire Records! Ainsley Hayes!! And CSI!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeee!
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