May 16th, 2002


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Bad friends list. Too much to read.

I skimmed. I did not fully read. Sorry.

I'm really REALLY tired right now. So I think I'll sleep. And see how much homework I can do in the morning. It might be a record if I can get it all done. It's a lot too. English journal, French reading, History assigment and Calculus assignment (that I don't understand and have a test on tomorrow).

It's gonna be a sunny morning...
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I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain

Okay, so I need sleep tonight.

So that I can drive bunches tomorrow.

My weekend:
Friday - go to school. Come home ninth period and hopefully be on the road to my sister's house by 3 or 3:15. It's about 3 and a half hours, so with any luck (and very little traffic) I can make it there by 7. She and I will probably be having dinner with Brad.

Saturday - I'm going to have Allie call me when she and Nikki and the rest of their car arrive in the Charleston area. I'll meet up with them and we'll go to the Track meet.
After the meet, we drive home. At 7pm, we have reservations at the mini-golf course. If we get home long before that, I will take the opportunity to nap.
After mini-golf, there is dinner and a sleepover at Nikki's.

Sunday - Try to wake up and shower before Katie's bridal shower.
Watch the 2-hour season finale of Survivor.
Try to find time to do some homework...AHAHAHAHAHA!

Busy little bee I am.

But yes. I need to shower and pack quickly, so I have a lot of sleep time and don't fall asleep driving through 3 hours of cornfields. Welcome to Illinois!
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