May 11th, 2002


Me and you and you and me. No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be.

I'm happy.

Like, truly happy. I remember this feeling and I know that I haven't felt it in a really long time.

First, made a few new icons, which I may upload later. Not now though.

Then I picked up Candace and Ben and we went to the Track Meet. Thank god my father knows where everything is, because I couldn't have gotten to Wheeling High School on my own.

The meet went well. Erica (of course) qualified to run in State for the 2 mile. We had a 4 by 100 relay that was mere milliseconds off from going on, but came in third (needing to be in the top two to qualify). We had fun hanging out with the distance runners of the Track team.

At 7:30, Candace and I dropped Ben off at home, picked up Panera and went to Lindsay's.

Happiness ensued after everyone started to come back. Lindsay, Molly, Mary, Bridgette, Jenny and Elliott. Steph, Candace, Aaron, Goldy, Charlie and JC were also there, but by curfew the only ones left were the (well, I guess I can't call them Seniors anymore) alumni and me. I just got home.

I guess I didn't realize just how much I missed everyone until they came back. When Jenny came in and attacked me with a hug, and Mary twirled me around while I was in a spiny desk chair and sat on me to spin all over the room and Elliott called me a whore...repeatedly (for the record, "2+2=Gail's a whore"), and I won a couple games of pool. And Bridgette and I screamed at each other, and someone joked about us making out. God, it was just like last summer again. Hanging out at least 6 nights out of the week, and having fun before they all moved on to the bigger college life. I missed them all so much.

I'm practically crying now. I'm such a girl sometimes. Gah.

Summer is just starting again. I needed this.
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I will dedicate and sacrifice my every thing for just a second's worth of my story's ending

I just woke doubt because Zoe is playing on the computer downstairs and has been yelling up to my mom a lot.

But it's hard to tell her to stop when she says this:

Zoe: Grandma!!!
Zoe: I love you!
Zoe: I love you more than my French toast!

It seemed pretty random to me, but at least she stopped whining about crackers or whatever she was talking about when I woke up.
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I need a little patience, yeah, just a little patience

I've been walking the streets at night. Just trying to get it right...

I'm bored.

But the thing is, this isn't a post to complain about it. It's a post to say that I miss being bored.

It's not that I'm bored but could be doing something. Last Saturday I had an AP test and 3 English essays looming over me.

Today though, I'm bored. And honestly have nothing to do. It's a really nice feeling.
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(no subject)

The excitingness of my life:

Went to Target. Found my mom and Cici, so Mama picked up the tab on the makeup I was getting. Score.

Looked for Ocean's Eleven. They had a ton of full-screen, but no widescreen. I don't believe in full-screen DVDs.

Went to Best Buy, solo. They had 2 full-screen versions and nothing else.

What the fuck, people???

So now I'm home. Tired and bored.

Thinking of falling asleep to a movie. Maybe The Muppet Movie or North By Northwest.

Yes, I realize those are completely different...still...

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To all that came before me, to all that left their mark

Mmm...chinese for dinner.

Watched The Osbournes today, and laughed my ass off. I love Ozzy.

Now, Ci and I are watching The Good Son with Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood. Freaky. I remember watching this when it first came out on cable, so probably around the time of 4th grade. Eep.

Commercial break almost over. I'm off.
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Blue jean baby, LA lady, seamstress for the band. Ballerina, you must've seen her

The Good Son = Very good.

Notting Hill = Very good.

'Twas a good movie night.

I'm not really tired, but I seem to have nothing to do but go to sleep.

I'm sure I'll find something...

I will not stick my finger in the peanut butter and eat it. I will not stick my finger in the peanut butter and eat it. I will not stick my finger in the peanut butter and eat it. I will not stick my....
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