May 5th, 2002


A allo, B bonjour, C chocolat, D danser...

So in 7th grade French, this group of guys "wrote a song" as a project. What they did was take the Blink-182 song "Dammit" and replaced the words with the alphabet.

I honestly think I will never forget it. It was fucking funny. And I still think of it every time I hear this song.


Sleeping until 11:30 is nice. And so very needed.

I need to get a lot done today. I suppose Calculus should be the priority, since that's on Tuesday, and the English essays aren't due until Friday.

But I'm busy Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So I have Thursday. Hmm...perhaps I should do a lot of English today too.

If it weren't 40% of my fourth quarter grade, I might just blow it off. But I really have to work on it. Blah.

Though I suppose talking about it isn't quite getting anything done.


I'm really excited for Company next year. Company is the Theatre 5,6 and 7,8 classes combined. Basically, you are either in it for a year or two, depending on when you started Theatre.

Company is the one that wrote the Spring Play. And I'll be in it next year, with most of my current 3,4 class, and the Juniors that were in Company this year. There are only 7 of them, but I love them all dearly and am thrilled to be in a class with them.

The cast party was fun, because it was this year's Company class, and the crew for the show. A few random people (like me) showed up also, but that happens at any cast party.

It's strange to think that the Seniors this year are going to be gone soon. Not strange because they will be gone, because that essentially happens every year, and you keep track of those you want to, and some you forget forever, and there's a great deal in the middle that you talk about affectionately, but never attempt to contact.

It's strange because we (me and the rest of my class) will be the Seniors. Adored and feared by freshman. Admired in a sort of limelight by everyone. I remember being a freshman and thinking that the Seniors were on a sort of pedestal and better than everyone else. But now that it's my turn, and I don't feel any different. I'm definitely not cool enough to be admired, but I will be because I'm a senior.



I should get to work, or something.

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    Alternative Girlfriend - Barenaked Ladies

This used to be the place we ran to, the best things in life are always free.

I adore this song. It makes me really want to watch A League of Their Own, which I obviously own, but I have too much work to do.

I'm almost done the second edit of my first essay. *sigh* The second essay should be easier, but I need to remember A Farewell to Arms. I have to write the third from scratch. Damn Holden Caulfield.

Haven't studied Calculus yet. Thank god for AP Study Days and no school for me tomorrow.
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    This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna

Put your arms around me. What you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful


So I decided to put my entire playlist back on Winamp. All 882 songs. 57 hours, 44 minutes, 37 seconds of music. That's a lot.

Anyway, so it's shuffling though, and I realize that my primary taste in music has reverted to the norm. Or at least, what has I've liked for the longest, therefore normal...get it?

But yes. 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Goo Goo Dolls, Barenaked Ladies. I've realized that I'm enjoying a lot of Dashboard Confessional, so I may have to look into that CD.

Remembered why I love Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows so much.

This music is comfortable, if that makes any sense.


As another note, I have edited the first two essays (twice each). My personal essay still needs some work, though I think it has a bit more focus than before. My reactive essay was lengthened by a page, and I believe it much more solid than it was previously.

Still haven't started my formal argumentative essay. Bah.

I haven't studied for Calculus at all today, so I should probably do that for a while.

Because I haven't said it enough yet, thank god for AP study days! I definitely need tomorrow off.


Congratulations Becky!!

I hope today went well for you.


I'll probably be going to cicigreen's apartment later, to drop Zoe off. My parents, sister, niece and nephew are at my cousin's birthday party. Zoe should be coming home with Mama and Daddy, while Cici drops Mikey off at his dad's house. I'll bring Zo-bug back to her house so Cici can just go right home. So I'll probably have new icons later. Whee.

Besides, I've been stuck in this house (and mostly my small, messy, window-less room) working very hard for a very long time.

My mind is on the brink of collapse. It's like Jenga.
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There's a song that's inside of my soul. It's the one that I try to write over and over again


Most of my breaks today have been about 15 minutes, half hour max.

I'm almost at 2 hours.

Damn me.

It's funny though. I've been watching cartoons.
1.) Very little stress in cartoons.
2.) Contradicts my personal essay about kids growing up to quickly. I'll never grow up!
3.) It learned me history because it had cartoon news reel things from WWII-ish era.

Eh, I should. Go. Study. Calculus.

If I'm not back in two hours, I have been eaten by my evil review book and you should find it and burn it to avenge my death.
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We all had our reasons to be there. We all had a thing or two to learn

Between LJ being funked up tonight and my cable modem dying and having to reset itself once every 3 minutes, I'm getting pretty fed up.

But I'm off to bed anyway, and I was able to upload two of my new icons.

The one used for this post is Joey - You Can't See Me. He's so cute in this picture. Eee!

And this one:

Because they are dorks. And theyaresoinlove. (For the record: I really dislike the expression "theyaresoinlove" and usually only use it to mock people...because, well...I'm evil. But honestly. Those two. Love.)

Now Gaily must sleep so she can have a lot of quality study time tomorrow. *deep breath* It will all be fine.
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