May 3rd, 2002


You think this life would make me bolder, but I'm running scared as all


The start of a very looooong and stressful weekend. And I'm dead tired right now.

Highlights of today: Tedd is too damn cute for his own good. Damn him.

Gasper mentioned that I had to help the Multi-variable class with their Calculus.

Huff said that (on the down low, of course) anyone taking AP exams doesn't have to do homework for the next week, but is still responsible for learning the material and taking the Depression Unit test by next Monday (it's scheduled for Thursday).

Mme Subjonctif is leaving (long story, but my French teacher dressed up like Superman every day for the past three weeks to teach us subjunctive. It wa hell). Mme Wolf will be back on Monday though. We have a big test Tuesday.

I'm seeing the Spring Play tonight!!! And Tomorrow at 5pm! And tomorrow at 7:30! I like supporting shows when I'm not in them or working them (it doesn't happen too often). The Company (the two advanced theatre classes...I'll be in it next year) wrote it this year. It's a comedy about AIDS. It's supposed to be very good.

I'm really tired.

Monday is my AP Study day, so I don't have to be at school. But then I'm missing a lot of classes. Then the test is Tuesday Morning (bright and early, 7:30 start) and I'm missing the morning classes again. I'm going to be brain dead Tuesday afternoon. And I'm supposed to go to classes?

I have three English essays to write this weekend. Hmmm...

This is a lot longer than I expected. I need a nap. Later dudes.
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Baby you're a big star now

She grabs a magazine, she packs her things and she goes

Naps always make me feel a bit more sane. A little relaxed, perhaps a tad on the sad side, but still.

I don't like how I felt before I slept, and now it's not so bad.

There's something to be said for that. Not sure what.

I don't have to be to the play until 7:30, and I should be calling Lindsay to see if she was planning on coming.

Probably going out afterwards, because it's a Friday show, and that's what we usually do.

It's strange. This is the first theatrical performance (play, musical, STUNTS) that I haven't worked. 3 years, 12 shows. Not this time though. It feels really odd.

I need a shower. I smell.
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