April 30th, 2002


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Friiiiiiiied Riiiiiiice!

I want it. Bad!! Dacey mentioned it, I think, and now I'm craving it really bad.

And for a minute I was worried that it was Monday and the really good Chinese place would be closed, but it's not!! So! Friiiiiiied riiiiiice! (Chicken, of course).

And!! I have a new Joey icon (I know! Another one!) that Rachel picked up from Pop Icons for me!! Whee!!!! Thanks Rach!

And I'm way to peppy. Perhaps the 2 hour Calculus review session after school bored me a little too much so that now I'm bouncy. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...

Gail needs to lay of the crack.
And she should be productive.
And she should stop talking in the 3rd person.
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So reach down your hand in your pocket, and pull out some hope for me

I'm a slacker. So much slacking going on.

But I got history done during 9th (since I had to stay after school for the Calc review), and I've just finished English. French is just studying, so I can do that tomorrow.

Which leaves more Calculus. *sigh* I'm becoming more positive about this whole AP exam thing though. There's a week, and I think I'll be able to review stuff before then and get a little more proficient. Plus, you only need to get about 50% of the test right to get a 3. And most colleges accept 3's, right? *crosses fingers*
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Trouble understands, she's got reasons he don't.

I'm sort of done with homework. And I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. Whoa. It's still really early. Yay!

And, because I'm overly bored right now...this lovely survey that's going around.

The Lust Factor

1. JC
2. Lance
3. Justin
4. Joey
5. Chris

The Chill Factor

1. Joey
2. Lance
3. JC
4. Chris
5. Justin


1. Joey/JC
2. Lance/Chris
3. Lance/JC
4. Lance/Joey
5. Chris/JC
6. Joey/Chris
7. Joey/Justin
8. Justin/Chris
9. Justin/JC
10. Justin/Lance

Dude, that actually took some thought. I was about to write each of them on piece of paper then cut them out and sort them. But I didn't. And I apparently don't like Justin in my pairings. Heh.

And I'm definitely tired. Night all.
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