April 25th, 2002


The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man

The Prairie State Exam? Um...sucked.

The science part was actually a little difficult and required *outside knowledge*. The rest?


Example passage: Tables are to be wiped off after every lunch and break...

When should you wipe off the tables?
A. Every hour
B. After lunch and breaks
C. Every 4 hours
D. In the morning.

That was the reading section. Here's math:

[picture of a rectangular counter, with three sides darkened. The shorter sides are labeled as '3' and the longer as '5']

If you were to cover three sides of the counter (two short and one long), what length of material would you need?
A. 8
B. 11
C. 13
D. 16

And the hour we were given for the 65 Social Sciences questions? I finished in 25 minutes.

Sooooooooo easy. Waaaaaaaste of my time. But the barbecue was yummy, and now I can nap. Yay!
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Blue jean baby, LA lady, seamstress for the band. Ballerina, you must've seen her


I just realized that when you go to update journal, it says "Event:" before the big box to type in.

This is no event. Nor am I talking about events. Perhaps I am abusing my journal. Hmm.

I'm tired, but the nap thing didn't work. And I should pack for the weekend excursion.

And I think I lost my US History book. Oh fuck, that's not good. I wonder where it could be. Auditorium maybe. Mama's car? Cici - it's not at your house, is it? Or your car?

Eep. I should find that...soon.

But hey, if I can't find it, the only homework I have is an English response on the chapters of Catcher that I read between exams today. Go me.
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Do you need anybody? I want somebody to love


Okay, so I discovered about a week ago that I (or rather, my house) is still in possession of a Nintendo system. Yes, the original NES. So! Due to my utter excitement, I decide to hook it up.

45 minutes later....I think I finally have it in a "working condition" BUT there are no available outlets in a 5 foot radius. So I need an extension cord. No cords to be found.

*pouts* Not that it really matters, the only game I have found thus far is Trick Shooting and I don't know where our gun when.


Hey Cici!!! Did you help Mama to rearrange the basement? Do you know if you happened to come across any Nintendo stuff? And if you did, where it all ended up?
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Untitled - prepare yourself for some spam

The Adventures of Huckleberry Gail:

Gail: *stares at computer*
Homework: Do me! Do me!
Computer: *eats homework*
Homework: Meep!
Gail: ...
TV: Turn me on! I show pretty moving pictures!!
Gail: Mmmm...moving pictures...
Nail polish: Give yourself a manicure to match your toes! You want to look pretty for the wedding, right?
Gail: Oooo...pretty
Computer: *spits out homework*
Homework: Eww?
Gail: Eww...
Computer: *shrugs*
Gail: *thinks*
US History Book: *giggles* I'm still lost!!!
Gail: You suck! Where are you?
US History Book: Hee hee. I'm not telling!
Gail: Damn you!
Catcher In The Rye: *psst!*
Gail: What?
Catcher: You need to respond to me!
Gail: Okay. Then can I play on the computer?
Catcher: Yep!
Gail: Yay!
Catcher: Yay!
Computer: Yay!
TV: Boo!
Nail polish: Boo!
US History Book: *still missing* Hee hee!
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She climbed a mountain that was far too high,and when she found out she couldn't fly,it was too late

Whew. Did a lot this evening.

First there was the obligatory Thursday night Survivor and CSI at Cici's apartment. Very necessary.

Then, because CSI was a little intense tonight, there was the last hour of Ladybugs on TBS. Jonathan Brandis was a cutie. I miss SeaQuest.

Next, I came home and had that lovely little crack-filled argument with myself in journal. Ended up doing English homework, not finding my History book (shit...so not good), then packing! What do you know? I'm packed more than 2 hours before I leave. It's amazing.

I've also added a bunch of new people to my friends list. Yay.

I'm too bouncy to sleep, but if I don't, tomorrow will be hell. Eh, it's only two classes (my good classes ;]) before my field trip. Yay for Cubs game!!!

Well, since this is most likely my last post until Sunday, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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