April 24th, 2002

Baby you're a big star now

Don't forget to win first place. Don't forget to keep that smile on your face.

Post the first:



It wasn't too bad, I suppose. I think I did fairly well. The Reading part kicked my ass, Science and Math seemed okay, and if I'm as good at my grammar as I like to think I am, the first English part was fine.

Granted I'm not trying for a 36. I wouldn't be able to get it. Absolutely not. Hell, JC and Allie both got 35 and I'm not as smart as them, but hopefully I can score in the upper 20s. If not, there is always June.

But we were done at 11:50, so Allie, Amanda, Candace, Aaron and I went to lunch at Panera. Then Candace, Aaron and I came back to my house. Aaron ran amuck on my computer, while Candace and I watched Almost Famous. Then Melissa and Nikki came over, but they had to leave at 3:30 for a track meet, and I had to take Aaron and Candace back to school for Spring Play tech at 3:20-ish.

And tonight I am free. Hmmm...sleep?

Ha. Probably not.
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You woke up screaming aloud, prayer from your secret god

Post the second:

Hmm...I seem to have covered most of the stuff already.

Thunderstorming here. I got home just in time, AND! I remembered to roll up my windows. (Don't laugh, I've done this...twice)

Mama was pissed at me for missing the hair appointment yesterday, and tried to set up one for tomorrow, but testing runs later, and I won't be done until after 2. Oh well.

I was dying after the 3 hours of testing today, I don't know how I will handle 4 or 5. Prairie State Exams suck. Damn middle America!

I think I'm going to nap. Yes. Yes definitely. Sleeeeeeeeep!
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Today was just a day fading into another, and that can't be what a life is for

*grumbles about being woken up*

Me: [sleeping]
Dad: Gail?
Me: asdlgk?
Dad: [extra nicely] Would you mind babysitting for Zoe so I can go shopping with mom?
Me: [inhales deeply...and dramatically] Yeah...sure...
Dad: Here's $20.
Me: [sleepily] Um-hum...okay...

Whee! Child is happy with McDonalds or Burger King, meaning I pocket the other $13-ish. And Mama gave me (on accident, I think) $25 for lunch today. Panera costs about $7.

My friends wonder where I get the money for all the DVDs and crap. It just sort of appears. *poof!* Money! Would you belive yesterday at this time I had 4 bucks?

*yawn* I hope it's not still raining out.
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I've got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream

First: Watched West Wing tonight!!! Wheee!!!! It was interesting, and comparing the show to real life with commentaries by former White House employees and Presidents. There are some days that I really miss Clinton. *sniff*

Also saw that Survivor special thing. (Cici is obsessed) But that was kinda cool too.

Then, I start thinking about the next few days...

Friday, I got to school in the morning, then the Cubs game, and as soon as I get back, we leave for Indiana.

Which means I must pack tomorrow.

And I'm going to be gone all weekend, so homework should (theoretically) get done...tomorrow?

And I have testing until 2:30-ish.

And Survivor and CSI are on from 7-9.

So I have 4 and a half hours to pack and do all my homework tonight. Or I could just nap. Now THERE'S and idea for ya.

<-- *is a lazy slacker*
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Call you up in the middle of the night, like a firefly without a light

Again, bedtime for me has come and gone. At least the tests tomorrow don't count personally for anything. It's just so say "Yay! Our school is smart and we can take standardized tests! We are so cool!".


Oh well, we get a free barbecue out of the deal, so I'm not complaining...yet.

Guess I should get sleep though. And remember to eat breakfast in the morning. Something to raise blood sugar so I don't go comatose during the first exam.
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