April 19th, 2002


Somewhere out on the highway, I'm sure that she's fine

So, after my 10:45 post last night, I started homework.

Pretty sure I feel asleep before 11. All the lights on (brightly too) and with the music from my computer playing. And curled up very uncomfortable-like as to not lay on a notebook or whatever.

But now my back hurts, I woke up to the Beatles Medley (*squee*), and I'm going on 7 hours of sleep.

Let's see if Gail can get at least one assignment done before classes.

(Oh, and I think it should be noted that I've been up for a half an hour already, and I took a shower.)

(Also, Goo Goo Dolls tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for the Riviera. I wanna gooooooooo.....)
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