April 16th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

A part of me will hold on, long after you're gone, though it's the right thing for you, I know

I can watch you leave. But I can't let you go.

Another day draws to an end, and I'm left thinking of the weeks to come. Before the dog days of summer, I need to finish fourth quarter.

The Calculus AP test is in three weeks. And we are really starting to speed up. Unfortunately that means the entire class is diving head first into a shallow pool. Eh, I managed a B- for third quarter. (Woo for rounding from a 79.5%)

I have a lot of work for English coming up. Three essays must be completed, polished and turned in in less than 4 weeks.

US History? Eh, not a problem yet.

French? Pain in my arse, but I'm not taking it next year, so I figure as long as I pull out a B, it won't effect my weighted GPA because it's a level 1 course.

This weekend:
Dance Show performances Friday and Saturday nights. Oh, and I'm at school every day until 9 this week. Gotta love Tech.

Next week:
Damn Prairie State Exams. I think it's like the IGAP (Neither of those mean anything to you if you haven't lived in Illinois, I suppose). Eh, standardized tests that have nothing to do with anything and are just long and painful hellish experiences. And the ACTs are next week too. *meep*

But next Friday is my field trip to a Cubs game. *sings* Take me out to the Cubies! North side pride, baby. White Sox suck.

Next weekend:
My aunt Sharon's wedding. A second marriage, all of her kids are in their 30s. But that's in Indianapolis, so road trip down there for Friday night and Saturday. Not a productive weekend.

*sigh* Busy life. Wish it had more fun stuff scheduled, but I suppose I can't complain. The wedding should be fun, as will the Cubs game.

Okay, enough boringness. Just wasting a bit of time so my hair dries a little more before bed. Night night.
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    But I Can't Let You Go - Meredith Edwards

I wanna hold your hand. Oh please say to me. You'll let me be your man

Amazing how NSYNC singing Beatles can make you feel >this< much better.

But overall...feh.

Don't know why. Perhaps it's a little too hot today. Perhaps everyone else's bad days wear off, because I'm a sympathetic person like that.

Maybe I'm just tired. That's been my excuse all day. "I'm tired".


Have all my classes tomorrow. And I start at the regular time. *sigh*

I have a bunch of homework tonight, and a History test tomorrow, so I should get going on it.

Is it Friday yet?
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    Beatles Medley - Twist and Shout - NSYNC

I think I've already lost you, I think you're already gone. I think I'm finally scared now

You think I'm weak, I think you're wrong.

*sigh* Another night. Somehow I managed to finish things by 11, then showered and read my friend's page. I should get sleep because the next couple days (weeks, months, years, etc) are going to be straining.

I will get through it. I always do.

But yes. My smarter self is telling me to sleep...(though my smarter self is also the one that tells me I should eat breakfast, and I don't listen to that...
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    If You're Gone - Matchbox Twenty