April 10th, 2002


Don't you know, talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper?


Busting from joy.

I had a really good day.

First off, I was silent from the time I woke up until the end of school for the Day of Silence Project. It was really awesome. There were times that I got really frustrated by not being able to communicate, then I realized that that was the entire point.

It was strange, because at some points, I felt completely and emotionally drained.

Then, after school, I went to a meeting of AWARE. It's a group that...well, I guess the name sort of expresses it all. It's like a social conscience group, or a place to talk about events around the world and try to see what we could do to fix them. It was very cool and I'm wondering why I didn't join sooner (like last year when I really wanted to). I came out wanting to start a revolution, and make a difference in the world, or at least our school.

That's about all so far. I was going to cut away the next part, then decided 'Hell no. This is my journal, it's important to me, so it's staying out in the open.'

*smiles* Have a nice day.

More about AWARE and censorship:
Either tomorrow or Friday, every parent in our school district will be receiving a letter. It's from a group of parents who feel that the fall play, The Heidi Chronicles was inappropriate, and want to work towards censoring literature, stage productions, and whatever else they find obscene.

I heard about this first during Theatre and got really upset. Not being able to talk had played on my emotions and I was almost in tears.

Their problem? One, that The Heidi Chronicles uses foul language. They say fuck. A lot. I say fuck. The rest of the school says fuck. You walk down halls and hear things worse that 'fuck'.

Two, the depiction of a gay character on stage. Peter, one of the three dominant characters is gay, and Fran, a friend of Heidi's from Ann Arbor, is a lesbian. And this group of parents had a problem with this.

Highland Park High School, the sister school in our district, is far more liberal than we are. Last year, they did a play (The Taste of Sunrise, maybe?) that had two guys kissing on stage. All we had was a gay character and the most he did was hug another guy, and we get hit up by conservative parent groups. They feel that although swearing and homosexuality occurs in the real world, it should not be promoted in an educational forum.

The topic came up at AWARE, and mostly dictated the discussion for over an hour. We decided that we, as a student body, not as any specific club or organization, should protest against the censorship. We may start a committee or group of Students Against Censorship.

I left the meeting seriously wanting to make a difference. It was awesome, and exactly what I need.

When this so-called letter arrives, I will post it, or parts of it. Until then, I must be off to do homework or go to Cici's apartment. Which ever.

Oh, and I might get to sleep until 9am tomorrow. *squee*
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Kate Hudson - Lady

But who is this Santa Evita? Why all this howling, hysteric and sorrow?

A lovely ending to a lovely day.

Well, semi-lovely ending. Just realized I have to make applesauce (by hand...the 1917 way) for our WWI unit in History. Yeah, he's crazy. We forgive him because he can make me laugh.

But! I went to Ci's and made a pretty icon (which I saved on her computer but forgot to a) upload and b) save to a disk. Hell I didn't even c) email it to myself) Oh well...it will come.

And she made yummy dinner. And I got to watch West Wing! Even though it was a rerun...it was good.

Donna: He's wants to be president to reform education and improve the internet?
Josh: She has a point.
CJ: Well, sometimes you get your head on a coin.

Whee!! Then! We watched the first episode of the first season of Queer as Folk! It makes a lot more sense than the second half of the fifth episode of the second season that I watched before.

And! I'm going to get to sleep in tomorrow! At least until 8. Possibly until 9! Mostly depending on when I wake up. If I'm up by 8, Mama's taking me to school at 8:30 then driving Aunt Judy to the airport. If I'm not up yet, she taking Judy to the airport, then taking me to school. My first class tomorrow is History, 3rd period, starting around 9:55. Bwahahaha!


Could I be on any more crack?? Seriously!

I should go to my French and History homework!

I'll return when I can pull myself off the ceiling.

*bounces around room and gets stuck to ceiling* Dammit.
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