April 8th, 2002


I can't sleep tonight, everybody saying everything is alright

So um...I was a slack this evening and didn't even start Calculus. Eh, plenty of time in the morning.

But I had fun with the dislexicon.
1: gail marieing (gail marie-ing) action, process or art of gail marie
2: ornithogail marie (ornitho-gail marie) bird gail marie
3: gail marieoid (gail marie-oid) having the appearance of gail marie
4: metagail marie (meta-gail marie) changed from or later than gail marie
5: overgail marieability (over-gail marie-ability) inclination or suitability for excessive gail marie

Inclination for excessive gail marie. Hahaha. Eh, I was entertained.

And I am out of paper for my printer. Hope I don't need to print anything anytime soon.

I think I should, um, go do the things with the stuff...and yeah. Sleep maybe.
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We'll love you just the way you are...if you're perfect

Today has been weird. Like insanely weird.

I started sleepy and getting out of bed late and angry (I still am actually. I want sleep, dammit!).

But I got everything I needed to get done, done. And even though we had a substitute in my English group today, she seemed to really like me and said I did a great job directing discussion. Woo! I like being praised for English. Makes me happy.

And I think I did well on a Calculus not-so-pop pop quiz that he told us about but everyone forgot. So yay.

But all day, I've been weird. Like, a little antsy, a little bouncy. But nerves more than excitement. It's so bizarre. And I may have almost cried today. Twice.

Hmm...maybe I'll take a quick nap before dinner...whenever that will be. Mama works late during tax season.
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She love you, you know you should be glad

Well, I was half hoping to be in bed by nine. But I think taking a nap from 7:15 until 8:45 sort of disvalidated that. And I just made up a word I think.

Unvalid? Disvalid? Anti-valid? Eh...It don't work.

But I woke up to my parents bringing me home Panera for dinner. Yay! Chicken Noodle Soup and Turkey sandwich on Tomato Basil bread. So good.

Think I'm going to do my french homework. Then actually do my English, and finish the three problems of Calculus I have left. Then shower. And sleep.
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Life keeps on dropping bombs and I keep score

I figured since I got a nap tonight, I could stay up later than planned.

I did my English reading (which, I might add, isn't due until Wednesday). Go me.

Also finished Calculus. Amazing, again.

Didn't do French or History, but I have more than enough time in the morning.

Okay, this is kinda gross, but remember when I mentioned getting ouchies on my feet from flip flops? Well, one foot just has what looks like a big open blister. The skin is all torn up in a small place, but it's nothing unusual and will head somewhat quickly. The other foot though...it has like a pus build up. I don't think that's good, but I'm just going to leave it alone.
Note to self: Give ample time for breaking in flip flops. Spring is always a killer.

Think I'm heading to bed now. Regardless of the fact that I've only been up for three hours. I really needed the sleep.

Goodnight moon.

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