April 4th, 2002


It doesn't mean much, it doesn't mean anything at all.


I love them so much. NSYNC concerts are like a renewal, and I remember what it is that draws me in.

They can make you feel like you are the only one listening. They make you think they are singing, and dancing, and smiling and joking just for you. Not the 19,999 other people in the room. Just you. And them.

Not to mention that they are talented and fun and slashy beyond belief. Hi, Joey and JC? Oh my god! JC was flirting with him a lot..."a lot"...anditwassocute! And Chris was all sad and stuff. *pets Chrisofer* And JC was just so damn pretty!!! And Lance looked amazing! And so much Joey love. And Justin was damn good too. And! JC! Black and white video! Kitten! With! Glasses!!!!!!! AHHH!!! I died. Was a mushy blob of kitten love.

NSYNC is not my anti-drug. They are my drug. Need another fix. Thank god for two concerts in Chicago.

Side Note: My ears sound like they have a plague of locusts in them. *buzz*
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    Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan