April 2nd, 2002



*points to clock*

I made it though my first day of April. Only 29 left. Busy month ahead.
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Reach into my head to steal the glory of my story, they say I must be one of the wonders

Okay, call me a geek, but I just had a lot of fun writing a three and a half page (double spaced) essay entitled "The Ultimate Pessimistic Attack: Love". (In less than an hour. Score!) Yes, I shall turn it in for English credit.

It's an extremely rough draft, but if anyone wants to read it ever, I could post it. God, I love writing fun essays. (and that is not an oxymoron)

I really should do my Calculus homework. Gasper would be mad if I didn't. He practically pleaded with the class today to do the homework. It's sad really.

Yes, this is my last post (I think) so goodnight all!

Um...is it possible to feel accomplished and slackerish at the same time?
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Someone like you, makes it hard to live without somebody else

Oh, this is going to hurt when I have to get up in five hours. Ouch.

Let's review:
English: No class tomorrow, so homework is for Wednesday. Didn't do it yet. But I did what was due for today and the essay is being turned in as though I did it weeks ago. Shhh. Don't tell.
History: Didn't do. It's to study, and I get to make a 4x6 notecard. Will do in the morning.
French: Wrote the f%$ing paper. Will edit with French spell and grammar check in the morning, before my conference with Madame.
Calculus: Done! but half-assed it. Oh well.

Okay. So definitely in need of some sleep. Going to need a lot of concealer in the morning for these bags under my eyes.

Goodnight moon.
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What would you say if I took those words away, then you couldn't make things new

So today was a good day. I'd say it's a 7. Like horoscopes in the Tribune. Scorpio: Today is a 7. Yes. Wonder what it really is? Wonder if chicagotribune.com has daily horoscopes, because that would be fucking awesome. Especially if they could email me daily!

Whoo, I think I'm losing it. I'm way to perky.

I must say, the best invention ever was the French spell and grammar check. Simply amazing. Madame was impressed with how well that was done. I usually have a ton of spelling errors. Nope, this time it was pronoun agreement and passe compose versus the imparfait.

History test wasn't bad, and because I didn't have English (but I did turn in my essay), I was free 2nd, and Allie's history class was in the library, so I talked to her the whole period. Whee!

I totally understand the Calculus stuff that I didn't get yesterday, so I feel it is unnecessary to do the homework. *nods* I didn't even bring it home.

The only homework I have tonight is English. A Farewell to Arms. It's a pretty good book...or at least the chapter or two I've actually read. I have about 100 pages to read tonight (AHAHAHAHAHA!), so we'll see how that goes, but that's all I have to do since I finished my French at school.

*bounces around*

Woo! Lay off the caffeine, eh Gail?
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Not necessarily needs, but qualities, that I prefer

One, I'm broken and can no longer spell "prefer" because in French it's "prefere" and that's what I write naturally now. (Same goes for danse and several other cognates). I also read things as they would be pronounced in French. Mostly -tion words.

Two: How does one prune an African violet?

Three: Have any of you lovely people read A Farewell to Arms?

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