April 1st, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

*listening to noisy computers*

Well, I'm here. At school. I made it.

I guess there's something to be said for that. I didn't even put up a fight...well, besides the silent protest with my pillow I have every morning.

So far April has been April. Major blah.

I detest April Fool's Day, so I will not address that, besides to say that I hope you all have a good day.

I remembered to say "rabbit, rabbit" this morning for good luck (because it's the first of the month). I never remember to do that, but I suppose I need as much help as possible.

I guess being here is not too bad. The day after Spring Break you'd expect people to be a little more laid back. I know I am. Haven't been to any classes yet, so I'm just hoping those go well.

*sighs* I should go. You know..."no library computers for personal stuff" and so on. Somehow, I will survive today.

Only 9 hours and 24 minutes until I get to go home.
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    Precious Illusions - Alanis (in my head)
Alanis - Unsexy

I'll live for you, I'll make it what I never was, if you're the best, then maybe so am I


Home = good.

Crew was good today. Like...good. Like, it hasn't been good for me recently. But it was. It was good.

School was okay. Isn't it amazing how you go back and it feels like you've never even left?? *big le sigh*

So...Mother Nature played a nice April Fool's Day joke. Starting at about 2pm, it started snowing. *cries* I hate snow. And it's Spring!! No snow in Spring! It's sticking, but the ground is still pretty warm, so nothing big is accumulating...yet. I swear. If I wake up and there is ground cover, I'm not going to school.

Tomorrow I don't have English. It's a free period. Which means my first class starts at 9:55. Almost 10. And I get to school at 7:45. *cries* I wanna sleep in!!!!

Good news, I can help Em move on Saturday. Tech doesn't begin until next week. Apparently stuff got really messed up and we are ahead or something, so everything is being pushed back. Yay.

I'm freezing. And I wish I had more Sprite.

Headache. Blah.

Homework. Double blah. Triple blah.

Really tired. Want to nap. Mmmm...nap. *tries not to fall asleep at the computer*

*sigh...off to be productive*
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What's it been? Over a decade? It still smarts like it was 4 minutes ago.

*screams and beats head against wall*

Okay, so it's really fucking boring to write an essay comparing Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris and Disney's Hunchback of Notre Damn in English...let alone writing this fucker in FRENCH!

GAH!!! Someone save me before I gouge out my eyes.

You think I'm kidding? I have a spoon right here!!! And I'm not afraid to use it!!!!!


Okay, at this point I'm begging. Leave me comments. Text message me. I don't care! I need something of entertainment!

AHHHHHhhhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhh....*gets swallowed by French paper*
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Night, and the spirit of life calling. And a voice with the feel of a child answers

Okay, so I'm done with French. Technically it's finished. I'll edit it in the morning. And to my history studying then too. Then English. It's going to be a productive two hours of bordom...I hope.

For now, I need a break. Then Calculus. Gag me with a spoon. Oh look! The eye-gouging spoon is still right here. How convenient!

Showering now. And I need to pluck my eyebrows.

This will not be the last you here of me. MUAHAHAHA!!!
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You can say forever, we both know that it won't change a thing

In a perfect world, plucking eyebrows doesn't sting, nor are they bright red afterward. Geez, you'd think they'd be use to it by now. Silly eyebrows.

Am seriously considering writing a pessimistic essay on love rather than do my Calculus homework. Hey, I might even be able to get English credit for it. Heh.

And cause I'm really, really bored...

My Cast of Characters
Mom and Dad - aka Mama, Mommy, Mother, Father, Daddy, Dadoo. I talk about the quite frequently. Not usually in good context. *sighs* At least we don't usually fight, we just don't overly like each other.
Cici - Oldest sister, and friend. We do tons of stuff together. I talk about her a lot. I invade her life a lot. It's all good.
Dave - only brother. 10 years older than me. Getting married in June to Katie.
Emily - Second oldest sister. Was married in September to Tom. I was a bridesmaid. She's moving to a new apartment on Saturday. (6 years older than me)
Fayanne - Attending college at Eastern Illinois. Closest to my age, she is 5 years older than me. Has adorable boyfriend Brad.
Cici - (again?!?!) Nope, this is my cat. She's calico and fat. I usually just call her "cat" or "kitty". Sometimes it's "stupid cat".
Baby - My car...though if I'm talking about her in this, it's usually "my $#&*ing car!!!"
Stephanie - cousin, 9 months older than me. Grew up with her.
Judy - Stephanie's mom, my mom's sister. They are like best friends. Mom and I go with Judy and Steph to Florida every thanksgiving.
Annette - cousin in Florida who we go to visit. In her 30's. Recently had surgery, so Judy and Mom flew down to visit.
Sharon, (Judy, Barb - mom) Bonnie, Donna and Denise - Aunts. In descending order. There are 6 girls, Mama is the third oldest. Sharon's getting married on April 27th, Denise lives in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, Bonnie's a bit whacked.
Grandma - The one and only grandparent still living, and is the mother of ^that^ hoard of daughters. I'm convinced she hates me.
Assorted Friends:
In college: Lindsay (University of Michigan), Bridgette (Columbia, Chicago), Elliott (Columbia, Chicago), Lewis (Rochester, NY), Jenny (Miami, FL), Mary (Dayton, OH), Katy (University of Illinois)
Around town: Allie (best friend), Amanda, Nikki, Melissa, Carly, Candace, Caitlin (complain a lot about her), Steph, JC, Charlie, Zoe, Goldy, Zach (cutie gay boy). I think those are all I talk about...eh, sure.
Adult teacher people: Carl - Theatre director/teacher, Eric - Tech director (stage crew), Huff - History teacher, Zima - best gym teacher ever, Sullivan - second best gym teacher ever, Madame - French teacher who loves us, Gasper - Calculus teacher, Mr. Wolf - English teacher (only one who I use a title for...hmm...)

I think those are all the people I talk about. *shrugs* Oh well. I also think I've wasted enough time.
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