March 31st, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

Look straight in the window, try not to look below, pretend I'm not up here, I try counting sheep

The evening.

Reminded me of summer.

Makes me not want to return to school forever and ever.

We went to Woodfield to play at the Apple Store (and I posted from there. Mmm...PowerBook...). Then, because Cheesecake Factory was too expensive *major frown* we went to Red Robin instead. It's a burger place, but edging on the side of Southwest/Mexican. Weird.

But, uh...I'm sort of a kleptomaniac, so I now have an entire container of Red Robin Seasoning. It goes well with my
-Chili's menu
-Jack Daniel's glass from Giordano's
-Applebee's fork
-Chili's knife
-Olive Garden fork
-Huge stake knife from somewhere
-Knife from somewhere
-Spoon from somewhere

Eh, I wish I could remember stuff. The glass, menu and seasonings are definitely the coolest. Yeah, I know. Stealing is bad. But it's not like I'm not paying for food, or not leaving a tip. Or taking things that have an actual value. It's a menu. They change those every couple months anyway. And the seasoning? Eh, plenty of those lying around.


I'm on the verge of bleh-ness. It might have something to do with Easter. And me having a ton of work to do tomorrow. Ew.

If I never go to bed, can I hold off tomorrow indefinitely?

I'm getting to that point again, where I don't want to go to school. That was horrible. *sigh*

But I'm seeing NSYNC in like 5 days...twice. So I should be happy, right? Right?
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    When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies

The river's dry, the ground has broken, so I must go, now I must go

Ever do something, and not know why you are doing it.

Like go into the kitchen and start searching for food when you aren't hungry and had no intention of eating?

Or coming to the computer to update journal, but realize that that was not what you wanted to do?

I don't know why I am updating. But I'm in a mood. A funk. Yuck.

And where the journey may lead me
let your prayers be my guide
Though they may take me so far away
I will remember my pride.
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    Shadowland - Lion King the Musical

She wrote, 'I feel just like that painting, collecting dust on the wall'

Okay, so I don't know about you...but I was under the impression that the [DVD Making of the "What's Going On" AIDS tribute] thing, had not been released.

But apparently you can buy it on [amazon] and it will be sent in 4 to 5 days.

Huh? Puppies? With U2, and a shit load of other artists? Why hasn't this been promoted more???


Also, Monsters, Inc. and Ocean's Eleven are available for pre-order. WHEE!!! If only I had a credit card. Damn, I would be dangerous.

Eep! Beauty and the Beast Special Platinum Edition pre-order! Release date: October 8, 2002. AHAHAHAHA! That's a little advanced.

Someone remind me to avoid like the plague! seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation...
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    Maybe He'll Notice Her Now - Mindy McCready


Easter is over. Everyone has left.

Really, there were only 9 people total...not too many. Less than my immediate family, because Fayanne didn't come up from school and Emily's husband didn't come either. Oh well, it was fun. I enjoy family a lot...when it's not parents. Or extended. Eh, I like my siblings.

Mama got on my nerves quite a bit. A couple times mentioning (off-handed, of course) how I never go to church. Bite me. Then, for Easter each of us kids got money. I got $50 and she made a big deal about giving it to me (after everyone had left). Yes, you are a fucking saint. Now go away.

*rolls eyes*

I could complain more. About Mom. About how within 5 years I can picture her living in a condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Florida bound, with Aunt Judy. Just give her time. I don't think Dad would be going with.

Is it bad if I just finished Spring Break, haven't even gone to school yet, and already I feel like I need a "mental health day" or "personal day". I need to call in sick tomorrow. I haven't written my French paper, and technically I don't need it until Tuesday, so I guess I'm doing it tomorrow.

I'm just so tired. And I slept late this morning. And took a nap before dinner. And it's not the turkey. It's exhaustion. God, I can't take this again. Last time I was like this was hell. But I guess I'll make it through, huh?

Dance show. It's the next thing I'm working on. I'm assistant stage manager, so I'm sitting backstage. It's not a hard job for dance show. It is for the Musical or STUNTS, but not dance show. So the techs shouldn't be bad. But tech starts Wednesday. I'm supposed to help my sister Emily move on Saturday to a new apartment, starting at 10am. But I have tech from 9 until 5 that day. I'm going to ask Eric if it's still mandatory, because some things have been changed around, but I think I'm going to have to be there. And Zoe's birthday party is the 20th, around 7pm, and I'm called for a show from 6pm until midnight. I probably can't go to that either.

And I fucking hate the month of April. Shit. Maybe I can sleep through it. The entire month.

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