March 28th, 2002


Oh your daddy's rich and your ma is good looking. So hush little baby, don't you cry


What does it mean when I remember a dream?

I can go for weeks without remembering a single dream I had, but last night I remembered three. Very different, very distinct dreams. It's kind of crazy.

Eh, anywho. I just woke up. Go me for being awake. Thinking about going back to sleep though. I've gotten nearly 12 hours and am still tired. *sighs* I can never win.
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Hold on, hold on to yourself. This is gonna hurt like hell

OH!!! I remembered a dream I had a couple days ago! Can't believe I didn't post it, it must have slipped my mind.

So, I'm at an NSYNC concert. But it's not normal. It's like they were playing for two nights, but the first night was a really small one, at sort of a House of Blues sort of place. But there were so few people that they could have chairs in the standing area. Literally, there were like 15 people.

So I'm standing, not in the concert area, but outside in this little lobby area. I think they were sound checking because they had to keep stopping and people would yell at them and they would talk back. It was bizarre.

Most of the people stayed out in the lobby, but I ventured in and sat down on an end chair as this guy sits next to me. Had there been a chair on the other side, I probably wouldn't have sat directly next to him, because that's how I am. I always have to leave a space and I remember thinking that during the dream.

The guy and I start chatting a little, I notice he has the white "Staff" shirt, and an ID thing around his neck. I ask him what he does during a normal show (because this wasn't the usual big set-up). 'This,' he said. 'Oh, fun,' I mocked and he laughed. He said that he helps his brother before and after shows.

Perplexed, I ask 'Your brother?'. 'Yeah, Joey'. 'Cool,' I said, and we continue chit-chatting.

So me and Steve. *laughs* Does Joey have another brother? I'm sure he does, but one of them and I are meant to be because my dream told me so. *giggles* Gail Fatone just doesn't have that ring to it. Damn.

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And I swear, you're just like a pill, instead of making me better, you keep making me ill

Opa!!! It works!!!

So I put my text messaging information on my user info page. Now whenever you get bored, you can send me messages (longs ones too) right from LJ to wherever I am! (because I'm just cool enough to carry my cell phone everywhere).

But yes. Make me happy and send me messages. :o)

It's not hard, I swear. Just got to my info page...

[Edit: WOOOOO! for Rachel, because she's the coolest!!!]
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I can't sleep tonight, everybody's saying everything is alright

If soap operas are so bad, why do I watch them? That's a damn good question, but all I know is that if Sami marries Austin, I'll beat her until she is just as comatose as Lucas was. I will not watch Passions because it's really bad...I will not watch Passions because it's really bad...I will not watch Passions because it's really bad...I will not wa...

With that said, I'd like to thank Rach, Lauren and Cici for my text messages. *grins* The offer to send me random stuff is still open. Please?

It's Thursday. Tomorrow Ci and Zoe have no work/school so I'll probably be with them. Saturday Mommy comes home. Sunday is Easter. If I were smart, I would write my French paper today...but then again...Passions is on...
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No one knows except the both of us, and I have honored your request for silence

Okay, this is pure spam.

First, I'm a lemming, and now I have a blob to show for it.
Adopt your own useless blob!
I call him Balbazar.

Also, there is nothing better than getting out of the shower and putting on a sweater still warm from the dryer, and feel all cozy like it's winter...and it's 50 degrees outside.

Also...I thought this was really funny. Conversation between Candace and I:

dice6385: fine then. i'll just have to go respond to that
honeygailmarie: Fine then.
dice6385: alright
honeygailmarie: Hee hee...
dice6385: evil lady
honeygailmarie: I know. It's horrible.
dice6385: what are we to do with you?

Auto response from honeygailmarie: Uno momento por favor.

honeygailmarie: Take me out and beat me like a rug?
dice6385: sounds fun, lets go
honeygailmarie: Woo!
dice6385: yippee!
honeygailmarie: It can be a party. We should invite people. And bring snacks.

I don't know, but I'm cracking up.


This has completely your daily serving of Spam. End transmission.

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Let the river run. Let all the dreamers wake the nation, come the New Jerusalem

I don't know where she is, but I can smell her, and she stinks. Damn cat. Don't be smelly, you don't like baths.

Also, I was at my lovely big sister's again tonight. 'Twas fun. We watched Survivor (I really liked Gabe! Fuckers had to go and vote him off. See if I watch the show again. Hmph.) Followed by CSI and Blow Dry, a very Best-in-Show-esque film with Josh Hartnett, Alan Rickman, Natasha Richardson, and Rachael Leigh Cook. Very strange, but pretty good love. *giggles at myself*

Ah yes. One of those nights where I amuse myself to no end. And everyone just smiles and nods.

Me: *amused*
Everyone: *stares*
Me: *giggles*
Everyone: *blinks*
Me: Oh come on!! I'm entertaining. *stands on my head and collapses in a heap...laughing the whole time*
Everyone: Are you feeling alright?
Me: Wheee!! I'm wonderful!!
Everyone: Are you on something? Crack? It's crack isn't it?
Me: I'm high on life, can't you tell???
Everyone: Go to bed Gail.
Me: But I'm not tired. *pouts and bounces around the room*
Everyone: *shakes head and sighs*

WOO! That was fun.

Um, yeah. I think. I need. Um. Anything at this point.

I'll be back when I return to normal. Or at least when I'm more normal than I am right now.
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