March 26th, 2002


Nobody can take me to the places that she takes me. Places that I've never been before

Okay, new rule.

No trying to go to bed when I'm in a shitty mood AND not really tired. Because then my mind wanders just is bad.

I woke up to my sister calling from work. My mom is on vacation in Florida because my cousin Annette who lives there was having surgery (stomach stapled, I think). So Ci was calling to tell me that Annette is fine.

And then we talked about how she doesn't want to be at work, and would rather be home playing Sims. *pets Cici* Poor big sis'er.

And for the record, I started laughing when I typed "*pets Cici*" because my cat's name is Cici. BAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, so, yes. Going now. I think I'm going to be productive today and go buy a car kit for my diskman, and hopefully it will have a regular power adapter because I've been going through batteries like it's my job. Oooo! Then I can pick up Potbelly for lunch. Or Panera! Hmmm....
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*tosses some major confetti*

This is my thousandth entry!!!!

*Snoopy dance!!!*

Also, I am now a Permanent Member!!!

And I get more than 10 icons!!!

So I uploaded an old one just for fun!!!

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It seems to me that maybe, pretty much always means no. So don't tell me, you might just let it go

Things I went to Best Buy to get:
-Car kit for my diskman
-Evita DVD
-Lion King the Musical CD

Things I bought at Best Buy:
-Evita DVD
-A present for Cici (Oz is guarding it on your bed)

I only bough OTL because it promised me outtakes and deleted stuff. So yes.

And right now I'm at Ci's apartment, with Miss Rose prohibiting me from typing well, and eating her leftover baked mosticoli. Yum.

Off to go make me some icons...because I can have more than 10. Anyone know how many more?? Or do I just upload until it says I have too many?
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Alanis - Unsexy

It's bad when you annoy yourself. Don't let me get me, I'm my own worst enemy

Whee!! So, I have four new icons!

The one I'm using for this post is the Alanis one, with lyrics from "So Unsexy".

I also have a Pink one, and two Britney's. One with lyrics from Bombastic Love ("It's gonna be exactly like in a movie when we fall in love for the first time"), the other I just call "pretty" because I think it's one of the prettiest pictures I have ever seen of her.

Thus, I'm posting it. I apologize for those of you who don't like Britney, but's my journal, and it's only one picture.

Yes. That is all for all.
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