March 23rd, 2002


Do you have a big intelletual capacity even though that it alone does not equate wisdom

So. Sims. I think I'm addicted. I played from about 10 last night until 4 this morning. Then slept for 8 hours. And started playing again. I took a break to microwave leftover Chinese...then ate it while continuing to play.


My goal for Spring Break was to become a Sims Addict. *nods* I have it all under control.

current mood: I have a very bright green diamond floating over my head. *giggles*
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    21 Things I Want in a Lover - Alanis Morissette

We'll flash forward to a few years later, no one knows except the both of us

Okay, first and foremost...

I love Betsy, Rachel, and Deana more than I can say. I was highly amused by the 26 comments they so lovingly left me here. Unfortunately I was at my sister's for dinner, so I didn't get them until now, but had I been home I would have signed on. I swear. I miss you guys too...but this week I'm on Spring Break so I should be around more than usual. Yay! *throws confetti*

Yes. Going now. Must. Play. Sims.

*gets sucked into my computer*
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