March 21st, 2002


So you were in but not entirely

First, I apologize for last nights little "outburst". Bah on me.

Feeling better today. Have headache. But Mommy's gone from Saturday morning for an entire week!! She sent out an email telling Cici and my brother Dave to watch me next week. Ha! Because I'm such a bad kid and planning wild parties from 6am until 3pm while my dad is at work. *rolls eyes*

So tomorrow is the day before Spring Break. I'm thinking that I won't be doing any homework tonight. Will probably go to Best Buy with Ci. She text messaged me saying that she had bought me a present! And she got me a permanent account too. I love my big sister lots!!

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It's autumn in New York...

My sister is the coolest ever!!!! She bought me The Sims Hot Date!!!! WOOOOOOO! Spring Break is definitely going to be non-stop Sims action. Better than any stinkin' beach! BAH!

I also FINALLY bought myself the new Alanis CD. I have all the songs downloaded, and know most of them. But now I have the CD!!! Because I believe in both supporting the music and the music industry...

Now, repeat after me:
I will not stay up until midnight playing Sims. I will not stay up until midnight playing Sims. I will not stay up until mid....
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In the meantime I lost myself. I'm sorry I lost myself

Played Sims. Whee! I didn't really take advantage of all the cool new stuff that comes with Hot Date, except of course, the money cheat. And I remodeled on of the houses I built, and made an addition to my main house. It's pretty slick.

Then I talked to my sister for a while. Fayanne is home for the weekend. Yay for not being alone with parents.

One more day.
Seven class periods.
Four actual classes (And three fun extras).
294 minutes of school.
Then Spring Break.

*relieved sigh* It's about fucking time.
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