March 17th, 2002


If you are not happy as yourself, perhaps as someone else, perhaps as me you'll be worth noticing

Hmmm. Today. Boring, but fun...all at the same time.

Went to crew. Then to lunch. Then I tried to use my cell phone, and it wouldn't work. So I went to Ci's. As it turns out, she and I got new phones. Nice ones. Nokia 5165. Downloadable ringtones. I'm going nuts. It's fun.

I've had Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" in my head ALL DAY. Just ask Cici...I keep humming it. I'm not a big fan of the song, but it's a kick ass cell phone ring.

The theme to Beverly Hills 90210 is also really impressive. And Inspector Gadget, and Flintstones. And no phone is complete without the Super Mario Bros theme. These will all change within the next week. I can almost guarantee it.

Cici, Zoe and I went to dinner, then back to their place. Ci and I watched The Faculty, which I liked, though it was a little gorey at parts, and Galaxy Quest, which is just plain funny and helped to calm nerves after The Faculty.

Now I'm home. And tired. Goodnight moon.
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    I'll Be That Girl - Barenaked Ladies

She never mentions the word 'addiction' in certain company, she'll tell you she's an orphan

after you've met her family.

"She Talks to Angels" - Black Crowes. Awesome song.

Bleh. Today I have to write two essays. I decided to put off the French one for Spring Break, but I'll have to go talk to Madame about scheduling a different appointment to edit it. It was supposed to be Thursday, but there's no way in hell I can write it during the week.

So, mega History essay to write comparing The Wizard of Oz with the election of 1896. Then a smaller reactive essay in response to a piece of literary criticism of The Great Gatsby. Big bleh.

But I have vanilla Frappuccinos, and at 3pm I have to go to school because we are singing at the First Presbyterian Church here in Deerfield, along with Lake Forest and Stevenson. It should be cool. Hopefully. And it will be over by 5.

Sometime in there, I'd like to get a pretty phone cover and buy the freaking Alanis Morisette CD that I've been wanting FOREVER and haven't gotten my lazy ass out to get it. Silly me.
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I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground, I'm getting to like this feeling I've found

And because Google so kindly reminded me with this:

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And because Google so kindly reminded me with this:
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<font size="7", color="green"><b>Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!</b></font>
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I'm going to California, to live in the summer sun. The streets are made of silver

*sighs* I have so much work to do, and no initiative. I need to get me some of that. Oh well.

Have been trying to find fun ringtones to download all morning. Was pretty successful, I suppose. It's annoying though. The internet is almost too big.

Though I should work on my History essay first (because it's going to take me about 8 hours...blah), I'm probably going to work on English. Ah yes. English. The homework I do when I have no initiative, because I like to do English stuff. I'm weird. Oh well.

And I have to go to my chorus concert thing in two and a half hours.
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I drove myself insane wishing I could touch your face, but the truth remains you're gone

Well, I wrote part--probably a little more than half--of my English essay. It's eh. There are really good parts of it. And it sounds really good. But the content is rather lacking and it feels unconnected. Blah. I'll work on it when I get home.

For now, I must get dressed in Chorus concert garb so that I can go sing. *LA LA LA*

Side note: I'm incredibly bored, and I hate Sundays.
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I think were getting to the point where I can't be myself again

I'm wearing monkey pants!!! They are sky blue and have big dark blue monkey heads all over them. I bought them in LA. They are so cool.

So the It was awful. Eeep. We better improve by Wednesday when we have our actual concert, because it was just bad.

Still have to write my History essay and finish my English one. But I'm tired. *whines* And I have a headache. Blah.
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At the end of the day and into the night, that's when the darkness gives me light

Whee! Done with my History paper. And it only took 4 hours!!

I'm actually pretty happy with it. Hopefully Huff will be too.

I am now tired, and think I shall go to bed in my loverly blue monkey pajamas (I'm now wearing the tank top to match. A really BIG dark blue *sparkly* monkey on sky blue tank. So cute.)

Hmm...what else? I might get to sleep a little late tomorrow. Good news: More sleep. Bad news: Might not get Calculus homework done before school. Oh well. Not like it's the first time.

I really want to find more fun ringtones for my phone. Especially The Muppet Show theme and the Smurfs theme. I've found them at site you have to pay for, and they sound awesome, but I'm cheep. I want free stuff. I also really want to find "Fame". I don't think it exists, but I want it anyway.

Yes. Bed. Goodnight moon.
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