March 10th, 2002


Always end it with a bang.

I've had the most fantastic evening. Just...great.

First off, the show went well. Not as well as some nights, but it was still incredible. We sold out the auditorium. All 950+ seats were filled. And all 950+ people stood and applauded at the end. Wow.

So many tears. I cried. It's the last show ever for a lot of people. And it was a great run. And a lot of friendships were made.

Cast party. So fun. Until tonight at 6:30, a location had not been decided and many assumed there wouldn't be one at all. Then Steph offered her house and her mother frantically cleaned while the show went on, ready for company by 10.

I got there at about 10:45 and was amazed at the amount of people there. I think the entire cast may have shown up, if even for a little while. It was really very cool.

And I got to talk to Elliott and Jenny. Jen is home from Miami on Spring Break, and Elliott lives in Chicago now (though I still never see him. I have to make it a point to visit some time). They left a little after midnight. It's actually not a rare occurrence for graduates to come, and they definitely weren't the only ones there.

Then I talked to Zach. He came out to me. It was actually pretty cute, because after we started talking about who else we thought was gay, and then what guys were hot. We also talked about how stupid our theatre class is for not realizing. Literally, most of the class thinks he's straight, and it's so obvious. It was fun.

Around 2, there were only about 12 people left, and by 2:30 only 8. I was one of the last 4, and from 2:45 until 4:15, Steph, Becky, Ken and I sat around talking. It was really fun. The best time I've ever had at a cast party. (Despite the fact that I think I've had a headache since intermission. I say "think" because I've tried Tylenol and Midol and neither helped. My left eye hurts, and so does my left sinus. And it's been fairly constant. Ouch.)

So now I'm home. And pretty tired. And I have a shitload of homework to do tomorrow. Oh well...that's tomorrow.
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Rule number One

When mommy says "Do you want to go shopping?"

You say "Hell yes!" (or just "yes" because mama doesn't think you swear)

Cici - If you need me to watch the rugrat later, I'm available. Call here, or my cell and eventually I'll get the message.
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Tell me, is this real life?

So I didn't make out like a bandit, but I still didn't have to pay for anything. Woo!!

I got:
-One (very cute) leopard print skirt from Express.
-A red tee-shirt from Express.
-A beige tee-shirt with front tie things from Express.
-A pair of denim flip-flops with eyelet holes in the straps, from Express
-A blue snap sweater from Gap
-A photo album (for LA pictures) from Hallmark
-Scrapbook pages and photo pages for my album from Hallmark.

So that was good.

And we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Very good.

And I haven't started homework yet. Very bad. Eeep.

(I'm going to try and post Sims pictures soon...Justin and JC are so cute sometimes)
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Honesty is relative.*

*This piece of insight was inspired by The Great Gatsby, which I'm actually enjoying muchly.

I just realized that I don't have French or Calculus homework, because I wasn't in those classes on Friday. Score!

Two chapters of Gatsby, and study the Election of 1896 and The Wizard of Oz for my history test and I'm done. Sweet.
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This is my Vietnam, I'm at war. Life keeps on dropping bombs, and I keep score.

My printer is fucked up beyond belief. It gives me four error messages saying that it won't work because it's missing a file, then prints.

I really wish I knew what the hell happened on July 24th, 1880 (if anything). Stupid Greenback Party.

Lemon Pastry Cremes are amazing. And they are reduced fat. Those nice little girl scouts are looking out for me. Mmmm...made with real Girl Scouts.

Whenever I hear this Pink song, I think of my Dad.
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And I couldn't tell why everyone here was doing me like they do

One, fuck those Girl Scout bitches. Damn them and their addictive cookies. I think they contain crack. Yes, definitely crack. But I only ate half the box, so really, that's only about 10 cookies, because the cheap whores only put 20 cookies in a box.

Two, whenever I think of Girl Scouts, I think of Troop Beverly Hills, which is by far one of the best movies ever. Not in the way that Almost Famous is the best, but I would rank it up there with Ferris and 10 Things.

Three, that first part was a complete joke, in case you couldn't tell. I'm sure the Girl Scouts are a wonderful organization...though I was never one. Nor was I a Brownie. Or an Indian Princess. I never took dance, gymnastics or played soccer. I never had piano lessons. I never had braces. I HAD NO CHILDHOOD!!! *cries dramatically*

Yes, definitely crack in those cookies. Bitch mongrels.

Okay, so enough of the "me being absolutely insane".

Tonight, I put my LA pictures in my new photo album. *sniff* I want to go back.

This spawned a downloading spree of Lion King songs (from the musical...which I saw in LA - connection). Also Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duets, because I realized yesterday that I really like vocal jazz music. (No connection whatsoever). Yay for expanding horizons.

I've done all the homework I'm going to do. And I should probably go to bed, but I'm not really tired. Actually, I'm bouncy. It had nothing to do with the Crack Cookies or the Pepsi...I swear.

Sublime's "Wrong Way" is a great song. I like it a lot. I remember the summer that it was on MTV constantly. It was a while ago, but I remember not liking it then. Times change, I suppose.

Final note before I go do...I don't know what. I love this icon!! I should never delete it ever. (Ahahahahaha! Like that'll happen). Either way, remind me that I like it a lot.

Oh, and John Mayer is a total fad around here. Last night at the cast party we started listening to him and everyone is obsessed. I think it's a complete stereotypical suburbs thing. We are sheep.
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